Category: Development

  • Desktop icons are now freely movable!

    I just merged the latest movable desktop icon support to master branch. So now it’s available in git repository. If you’re installing from git you’ll get it. There are still some usability issues, but it mostly works quite well. After two years, finally we have movable desktop icons. Really thank you all for the patience. […]

  • Desktop icons of PCManFM becomes movable!

    I just did very primitive partial support for moving desktop icons. Let’s see a screenshot. Now the position of icons can be saved and restored, but there are sitll some bugs. As a proof of concept, however, it works already. For the interested, the source code is in “move_icon” branch of our git repo. So the […]

  • A Status Matrix for LXDE Components

    I just created a status matrix of LXDE components on our LXDE wiki. This matrix shows you the current status of every LXDE component. The content of this wiki is far from complete, but it’s just a start. So, please take a look if you’re interested and help complete the page if possible. Cheers!

  • New Mailing List lxde-i18n for translators

    In the past we used <> to coordinate translation work for LXDE. This mailing list server, however, suffers from unexpected downtime sometimes recently and has some maintaince issues. To eliminate the maintaince load and provide more stable service, we’re moving to a new mailing list hosted on after some discussions. Since all other LXDE-related […]

  • LXAppearance – OpenBox Integration is Finished!

    Since LXAppearance now supports plugins, it’s possible to add new features to it with third party plugins. Today I ported the GUI configuration tool for OpenBox obconf to LXAppearance. Now a plugin for seamless OpenBox integration is available. A picture is worth a thousand words: No additional dependencies are added to LXAppearance. You get this […]

  • LXAppearance becomes the most feature-rich Gnome-free gtk+ theme changer.

    As stated in previous posts, LXAppearance is currently being rewritten. Today, the rewrite is finished. Now LXAppearance becomes the most feature-rich Gnome-free gtk+ theme changer. Let’s see a screenshot: If the gtk+ theme you use supports color schemes, such as Clearlooks, you can customize these colors in LXAppearance, just like what you can do in […]

  • LXAppearance gets a rewrite, too!

    While the rewrite of PCManFM/libfm is still in progress, another parts of LXDE requires more attention. So this week I did a rewrite/redesign for LXAppearance. The most notable change is the new cursor theme support. Let’s see some screenshots: The main screen demostrating current GTK+ theme didn’t change much. The icon theme choosing page now becomes cleaner. […]

  • Direct UDisks support for libfm and pcmanfm is finished!

    I just finished direct udisks support for libfm and pcmanfm. After days of testing, it works well. So it’s now merged back t master branch and will be available in next release of libfm.  Please help test it. Nothing in pcmanfm need to be changed. You only need to update libfm and it works. Adventurous users are encouraged […]

  • Volume Management Without Gvfs is Possible Now!

    As I stated in previous posts, I’m doing direct UDisks support for PCManFM/Libfm. Now I have some things to show. It now correctly supports different kinds of devices without GVFS. However, LUCKS devices are not supported because I don’t know how to do it. In addition, I’m not sure if LVM or RAID are displayed […]

  • Direct UDisks Support Partially Works in Libfm

    Let’s see the screenshot! Volumes listed in left pane are handled by direct dbus calls to UDisks, not gvfs or gnome-disk-utility. The code in udisks branch is not finished yet, but I already had mounting and unmounting partially working. Please stay tunned! Cheers!