Category: Development

  • LXPanel 0.4.0 beta! Testers are needed!

    We haven’t have new releases of LXPanel for quite a long time, but the development is still ongoing. Major Changes: * Greatly rewrite application menu with our new menu-cache library. Now it’s complete and more user-friendly * Improved “Run” dialog * Improved OSS volume plugin * Image showed on application menu button can be changed […]

  • LXShortcut – easy way to edit application shortcuts

    A new component, LXShortcut, is added yesterday. It’s a small utility used to edit application shortcuts. Now editing of application shortcuts become quite easy.

  • LXSession Edit – Configure what’s automatically started in LXDE.

    It’s well known and well documented that our session manager LXSession Lite suppport the autostart specs. However, autostart spec is a term for developers and it’s meaningless for our end users. Basically, it provides a way to automatically start some applications after login. Now this can (partially) be configured through a simple GUI – […]

  • Community First!

    The current release of MySQL shows the problems free and open source software projects face that put business first and community second. Michael “Monty” Widenius critizes in his Blog the current developement model of MySQL and recommends not to use the current release 5.1 of the database system. The reason I am asking you to […]

  • System benchmark tests of LXDE with lmbench suite.

    Penk from the LXDE core team in Taiwan has done a lxde system benchmark test using the lmbench suite. lmbench is a suite of simple, portable ANSI/C microbenchmarks for UNIX/POSIX. In general, it measures two key features: latency and bandwidth. It is intended to give system developers insight into basic costs of key operations. ( […]

  • LXDE with 3D desktop effects

    Thomas Kross aka captagon from the LXDE Sid Edition has posted some nice screenshots of LXDE with Compiz and 3D effects. Even though this makes LXDE a bit slower, it is a proof that these effects can work well on low end computers. I hope the LXDE developers find a way to speed up compiz […]