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  • LXHotkey 0.1.1 released.

    After some quiet time it happened again. We started to release. This time it was the key strikes configurator to be first. Some little fixes done and new version is ready for you! Stay tuned, yet some other updates will be for you soon! New release tarball download link:lxhotkey-0.1.1.tar.xz – SHA1: 2f41397a07dc3ae19607be23f61f09cdb93c8a3d Changes since initial […]

  • LXTerminal 0.3.2 released!

    This is a bugfix update. Tarball download link: lxterminal-0.3.2.tar.gz – SHA1: 896c32c065e065d62591f4484ff1dca8ac6f7ce7 Changes since previous release 0.3.1 (see git log for details): Fix bug with libvte 0.54 where closing 1 tab can cause others tabs to be closed. (GitHub issue)

  • LXTerminal 0.3.1 released.

    This is an security and bugfix update. However, there is also minor feature added to enhance usability. Tarball download link: lxterminal-0.3.1.tar.gz – SHA1: 51554be19cbe4ebbc8e3710935fa54c31338fabf Changes since previous release 0.3.0 (see git log for details): Fix CVE-2016-10369, a Denial-of-Service vulnerability. Fix bug that prevents changing tab name, which is introduced since 0.3.0. The keyboard shortcut can […]

  • Benchmark: Memory Usage: LXQt desktop environment vs XFCE

    It has always been rumored that Qt is bloated so programs written in Qt should be bloated. Some even argued that the LXDE developers made a wrong decision on the migration to LXQt. Why not replace the assumptions with some experiments? In fact, LXQt 0.11 even uses slightly less memory than XFCE (with gtk+ 2). After […]

  • Qt5 port of Pulse Audio Volume Control (pavucontrol)

    There has long been needs for a simple Qt frontend for pulseaudio-based audio mixer. So I ported the gtk+ version pavucontrol program to Qt5 for use in LXQt.

  • Memory Usage of LXQt 0.9

    Since the release of LXQt 0.9 several days ago, many people are curious about its memory usage since in the release announcement we mentioned the use of two libraries from KDE framework 5. Don’t worry! They are just “pure Qt libraries” without other KDE dependencies (Thank you KDE guys!). Good engineers always base their design […]

  • LXQt Performance Tips

    As we’re going to have a new release for LXQt 0.9, I’d like to provide some performance tips for users and packagers.

  • LXPanel 0.8.0 pre release testing.

    After some development, it’s time to release next feature version of LXPanel. The release goals for 0.8 were: complete multi-monitor support improve and further simplify plugins API Now that it was done, and numerous bugs fixed along with that, LXPanel has come to release time, which is scheduled in about 2 weeks. We would appreciate […]

  • In memory of Razor-qt

    Although people often compare LXDE and the “so-called” Qt port, LXQt with each other, they are actually from different code bases. The most parts of LXQt are actually built on top of razor-qt, a lightweight Qt-based DE with the same philosophy as LXDE. We reorganized the source code of razor-qt and removed unused pieces. Then we […]

  • Status update for “LXDE”

    Yes, it’s about the gtk+ version LXDE, not LXQt. Previously, razor-qt and lxde project merged and formed LXQt project, which just had a 0.8 release. Though the original plan was to migrate to Qt, this does not mean that LXDE is dropped. As many of the users have noted, many LXDE gtk+ components got updates […]

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