Category: Development

  • LXSession 0.5.1 released.

    The session manager for LXDE was in long development and it still is. Julien did a lot for it to make it better. It is far from perfection yet but it is usable again and we hope it is a bit better than it was before. Two releases in row – 0.5.0, then fast bugfix […]

  • LXQt 0.8.0 released!

    The LXQt 0.8.0 release is now available. It brings with it full Qt 5 compatibility, two beautiful new themes and lots of new features, performance improvements and bugfixes. Please see the full release announcement on our mailing list. We are always looking for new contributors. If you are interested in joining us, please take a […]

  • LXQt now has “full” Qt5 support

    After the first official public release 0.7, the LXQt team is working on making it better. Our recent focus is fixing existing bugs and migrating from Qt4 to Qt5, which is required if we want to support Wayland. Now we had something to show. The latest source code in our git repository can be compiled […]

  • LXQt-Admin: System admin tools for LXQt arrived

    It’s known that system admin tools for LXQt were lacking. This is no longer true.  A new component lxqt-admin landed int our git repo. Please see the screenshots. 🙂 These are “desktop-independent” pure Qt tools based on system-tool-backends. lxqt-admin-time: Tool to configure date and time. lxqt-admin-user: Tool to manage users and groups. We know that […]

  • Some Numbers About LXQt for Those Who Are Curious

    After the initial release of LXQt, I found that there is a FAQ. How’s the memory usage? Will it become a bloated memory hog because of Qt? Here are some numbers for you. My test environment is the latest Debian stable installed in VirtualBox with 512 MB of RAM and 1 CPU core assigned. After […]

  • LXQt Got Initial FreeBSD support.

    Recently, PC-BSD developers just reminded us that there is an unmet need for a Qt desktop for BSDs. So, here you go. 🙂 As stated earlier, we’re not really Linux-centric. We support Linux better simply because we’re Linux users. Now with some help from several FreeBSD users, things can be different. I installed FreeBSD 10 […]

  • LXQt 0.7.0 released

    The first release of LXQt is now available! Downloads and links are hosted on Mirrors of all the releases are also available on Github.  Issues and pull requests should be filed on the Github issue tracker. The full release announcement is available on the mailing list. Enjoy!

  • The First Alpha Release of LXDE-Qt (or LXQt) is in Preparation

    Since the merge of the LXDE and Razor-Qt teams in July 2013, there has not been any releases to the public. After months of works, the merged product is in a good shape now. It’s quite stable and usable. So we are discussing about the possibility to make the first alpha release for the long […]

  • 3 Tips to improve the CPU usage of Qmmp music player

    In the GTK+ world, we have many lightweight music players, such as Audacious. While migrating to Qt, some people might want a Qt-based alternative for use in LXDE-Qt. Fortunately, we have Qmmp. Here are screenshots from their website. They provides the old-school WinAmp-like skins, or you can install the qmmp-plugin-pack to get the foobar2000-like simple […]

  • PCManFM-Qt Reaches a Quite Usable State

    The LXQt project is steadily developed. While the image viewer lximage-qt just got some polishing lately, the Qt port of PCManFM file manager also reaches a quite usable state. Some notable changes are: Add dir tree to the side pane Improved file popup menu Able to open the selected files with arbitrary apps Improved handling […]