LXQt-Admin: System admin tools for LXQt arrived

It’s known that system admin tools for LXQt were lacking.
This is no longer true.  A new component lxqt-admin landed int our git repo. Please see the screenshots. 🙂 These are “desktop-independent” pure Qt tools based on system-tool-backends.

lxqt-admin-time: Tool to configure date and time.


lxqt-admin-user: Tool to manage users and groups.


We know that LXQt is not good enough, but it will getting better and better. Long live LXQt, the classic desktop!

3 responses to “LXQt-Admin: System admin tools for LXQt arrived”

  1. That is great!
    Lack of DE-independent tools is finally being dealt with. Say goodbye to over-integration and over-engineering, say hello to tools that simply do their jobs and can work together. Keep it up!

  2. I like where lxqt is going. I hope you will set it as goal from the very start for lxqt that all windows and dialogs should be usable also in standard VGA 640×480 resolution. This is important to support devices with small screens, or installations where no higher mode can be (temporary) set. Thanks.

  3. This is quite awesome. I am really loving this LXQT. From the screens app letting me virtually increase the size, bypassing a script I had used previously on my crappy 1024×600 screen, to System Settings. I am really liking this.

    Just wish someone would add it to the AUR. 🙂