PCManFM-Qt Reaches a Quite Usable State

The LXQt project is steadily developed. While the image viewer lximage-qt just got some polishing lately, the Qt port of PCManFM file manager also reaches a quite usable state.


Some notable changes are:

  • Add dir tree to the side pane
  • Improved file popup menu
  • Able to open the selected files with arbitrary apps
  • Improved handling when trying to open an executable file.
  • Improved statusbar info
  • Many bug fixes

Though we don’t have a stable release yet, basically the feature set of the Qt port is quite close to the earlier 1.0 version of the gtk+ version. Users interested to the project are encouraged to test the latest code in our git repo. Patches are always welcomed! 🙂

Here is a guide for building lxqt components from git.

5 responses to “PCManFM-Qt Reaches a Quite Usable State”

  1. good news! one suggestion: “kupfer” is a great platform-independent, fast and simple but very powerful launcher program with many useful add-ons (like integration of google contacts etc. etc.). would it be an option to make use of this program (or part of its source code) in the upcoming lxqt instead of developing/maintaining another launcher program? see

  2. can I suggest to use a button for toggle on/off the sidebar and also 2 buttons to switch between tree and places?
    And also a button in the toolbar to toggle on/off thumbnails.
    thanks! 🙂

  3. Thanks for link to wiki how to compile lxde-qt! Hmmm, I found no roadmap. Of course all developer are programming in spare time for hobby, but is there an idea when lxde-qt will be usable (and stable enough) for public? Thanks in advance