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  • PCManFM 1.1.0 and libfm 1.1.0!

    Double release!? We made a poop here. First we pushed 1.0.2 of PCManFM and libfm, that was busted and needed an adjustment. At the same time we debated the version numbering things and as we had to do a new release we decided to bump the version number to hilight the fact that there are […]

  • Infrastructure change:

    Repost from mailing list. “It has come to this. tldr; will cease to exist in 12 hours time is offline now. new server and new URL will be available later. At Wednesday the hosting for the current Pootle setup will end. (Thanks a bunch to RSN, the student union in Blekinge, Sweden and the […]

  • PCManFM 1.0.1 and libfm 1.0.1!

    PCManFM Main changes in PCManFM 1.0.1 (since 1.0). Implemented basic multi-monitor support. Implemented toggling fullscreen mode via ‘F11’ key press. Added tab ‘Layout’ into Preferences dialog. Few lesser bugfixes. libfm Main changes in libfm 1.0.1 (since 1.0) Fixed slowness on loading and changing of very large folders. FmFolderView is converted into generic interface. Former FmFolderView […]

  • Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release

    I’m here to call for a review for PCManFM as the source code in git isin quite good shape now.Many known bugs are fixed and I did much refactor to the tabbedbrowsing part and merge changes in tab-rework3 branch with master.Please help test and update translations in various distros. If things are ok, I propose […]

  • Directory tree is now available in PCManFM!

    Everybody loves screenshot! Directory tree in side pane was a feature in PCManFM 0.5 series, but it’s not yet implemented in the latest rewrite. Yesterday, I finished the rewrite for directory tree and added it to PCManFM. This new feature is now availble in git repository. I also added a drop-down menu to side pane […]

  • Finally, Directory Tree is Back!

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The directory tree is not yet added to PCManFM itself. This screenshot is the demo program included in libfm. A very primitive directory tree is finished. Later I’ll add this to PCManFM. Many people are curious about this feature since it used to be available in old PCManFM […]

  • Status Update for the File Manager

    OK, it’s time to tell the world what we’re doing to the file manager Here is a status report for PCManFM. Several bugs are fixed, and others are not. I’m currently working on fixing them. Directory tree will be available from side pane again in next release. I have finished 50% of the feature and […]

  • Transifex is out

    Effective immediately we have stopped using for translating LXDE components. All translators and prospective translators inside the LXDE project have been informed about this move via the platform itself. We have removed the possibility to submit strings in the tool but unfortunately for people who have submitted stirngs there in spite of the earlier […]

  • Will LXDE continue to use

    UPDATE: We’ve dropped transifex by now. Maybe. The recent weeks have been interesting in the world of online translation management as Transifex got promoted to 1.0. As we are one of the project using the hosted service at since almost a year now it was with both joy and disappointment we read the changelog. […]

  • LXDE Buildbot!

    A way to strengthen the qualityof your software is to test it as fast as possible with the needed code. For this purpose I just launched a buildbot master and slave running Debian testing. It is not automatically run against the code yet but I will include that functionality in the future. Having a buildbot […]