Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release

I’m here to call for a review for PCManFM as the source code in git isin quite good shape now.Many known bugs are fixed and I did much refactor to the tabbedbrowsing part and merge changes in tab-rework3 branch with master.Please help test and update translations in various distros. If things are ok, I propose a new release.

Some major changes:

  1. “Reload Folder” is available now in View menu.
  2. “Directory Tree” mode is available in side pane.
  3. Filesystem size is updated in a more correctly and efficient way.
  4. Many bugs causing crashes are fixed.
  5. Shows a warning icon in toolbar when running as “root”.
  6. Supports menu keys.

Minor changes:

  1. Fixed some memory leaks.
  2. ~ and / to move focus to location bar
  3. Improve internal structure of PCManFM.
  4. Code cleanup.

A new release as 0.9.9 is required. Please help review and test the code in git.Thanks a lot!

7 responses to “Call for review: PCManFM is almost ready for a new release”

  1. Are the filesizes in SI units (KB) or IEEE units (KiB)? Is it possible to implement that as a config option. Thank you.

    BTW I am testing pcmanfm-git and libfm-git from AUR in Archlinux x86_64 . Good work.

  2. I’ve just fiddled with git from today and it still doesn’t show volumes in side panel with udisks 🙁

  3. Looking good but I’d like to see volumes, trash and hidden directories in sidepane’s “directory tree” mode.
    Anyway, thanks for your work! 🙂

  4. May want to have a long hard look at Libfm, as 0.1.14 interfere with gvfs resource locator resolution.