Category: Development

  • LxImage-Qt image viewer

    The image viewer of LXQt (LXDE-Qt) has been improved much recently. Here is the latest screenshot. Here is a brief list of recent changes: Printing support added Thumbnail preview (the bottom pane on the screenshot) Built-in tool to take a screenshot Slide show support Improved fullscreen support Improved preference dialog File properties dialog added The […]

  • PCManFM/libfm string freeze and beta period

    An unusual update. Andriy posted a note to the pcmanfm development list about the upcoming release of PCManFM and libfm components. He has been hard at work closing bugs and adding features and in hopes to release in time for the next Ubuntu freeze we’ve now entered soft string freeze. This means that no new […]

  • LXAppearance ObConf plugin 0.2.1 released!

    The OpenBox Configurator plugin to LXAppearance was just released. Grab the file from sourceforge. This release is mostly a maintenance release, making sure the code base builds and keeping it in sync and working with both OpenBox 3.5.0 and 3.5.2. lxappearance-obconf-0.2.1.tar.gz, sha1: 13ef5ab481f72b9782a22486df9b133554af92fa Changelog 1b3ebd4 – config.h should be included by src/preview.c to get its […]

  • Build lxde-qt from git source: an updated guide

    Since the original LXDE and razor-qt projects decided to merge the effort and work together on the same project, we formed lxde-qt, or lxqt for short. Some effort was made to merge existing codebases and components, but things are still in an early stage so there is no public release yet. For preview purpose, here […]

  • menu-cache 0.5.1 released

    The backend library to read application menu files has been released with mostly minor changes. Fixed build on systems where MAXSYMLINKS isn’t defined. Fixed menu-cached crash in some rare cases. menu-cache-0.5.1.tar.gz, sha1sum: 9580ee33966d112ed421f2c523b0730ad69e109d changelog c45ff3e – fix memory corruption when freeing cache->files 0fe2a66 – fix typo in menu-cache-gen.c 6a16c51 – Fix build on debian […]

  • Obconf (Openbox Config Tool) is ported to Qt

    Since we’re using Openbox as our default window manager, we need a GUI way to configure it. Previously, we have a GUI config tool for OpenBox named obconf, which is based on gtk+ 2 and libglade. However, since we plan to use Qt, and gtk+ 2 is no longer officially supported by its upstream, a […]

  • No, LXDE-Qt is not bloated

    After posting a preview screenshot for LXDE-Qt, I got quite a lot of feedback from various sources. Generally the responses from the users are positive, but there are also some people saying that LXDE is no longer lightweight. Please, in the free world we’re all friends and let’s not spread FUDs to hurt each other. […]

  • LXDE-Qt Preview

    Many users have read about our recent Qt-related work in prior blog posts. The GTK+ version of LXDE is still under development, but we did some experiments with Qt, too. Now I have some things to show you. 🙂 Here is a preview screenshot for LXDE-Qt. At the bottom of the screen is lxpanel-qt, the Qt […]

  • Please use PCManFM-Qt git version for now.

    As many people know, a Qt port of PCManFM is under heavy development. Although we released PCManFM-Qt 0.1 previously, it contains some bugs and memory leaks. Most of the issues are already solved in the latest source code in our online git repository and will be available in the next release. However, the new code […]

  • A Guide for Migrating from Gtk+ to Qt

    Since I started learning Qt recently, I noted some issues when trying to port Gtk+ programs to Qt. There are tons of tutorials for Gtk+ and Qt, but a guide for porting is lacking. Most of the articles comparing Gtk+ and Qt did not go into detailed issues people will encounter during coding. To help […]