Obconf (Openbox Config Tool) is ported to Qt

Since we’re using Openbox as our default window manager, we need a GUI way to configure it. Previously, we have a GUI config tool for OpenBox named obconf, which is based on gtk+ 2 and libglade. However, since we plan to use Qt, and gtk+ 2 is no longer officially supported by its upstream, a Qt port is wanted.
Hence, as part of LXDE-Qt project, I started a Qt port of obconf and that’s obconf-qt.
It’s a pure Qt program so it works as well outside LXDE-Qt. It’s also useful for the upcoming razor-qt 0.6.

Please test the source code in git:
> git clone git://lxde.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/lxde/obconf-qt

Or, browse the code online:

Most of the original features are already been ported to Qt.
What still does not work:
1. font settings.
2. dock settings.
3. preview of themes
Other stuff should work as expected.

If anyone is willing to help, please contact me.
Thank you.

7 responses to “Obconf (Openbox Config Tool) is ported to Qt”

  1. Would you make LXappearance-qt for customize Qt-stlye, colours and icon theme?

    Oxygen is a nice style, but I heard from Razor-Qt team that it’s hard to split it from KDElib…

  2. Great! I love Qt and its desktop. Qt will dominate the Linux GUI and even moblie devices in the future.

  3. Great to see progress. I think it is good for the project to have most of the code rewritten keeping the philosophy intact.

    Would also be cool to have a LiveCD image with the latest LXDE-QT build to play around!

  4. qt looks and feels so much better. i am happy with these evolvements.
    one thingy though i was just testing pcmanfm qt and noticed it was missing a filter bar.
    it made it hard for me not to dolphin … please add a filter bar option to pcmanfmqt