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  • Recent LXDE Progress

    Here are some updates on recent LXDE progress. The file manager has much exciting progress: I”m now doing “direct” udisks support without gvfs or gnome-disk-utility. So far the progress is good and it already can listed volumes. Mounting and unmounting should be available soon. This enables volume management totally without gvfs. You can test the […]

  • Have trouble with PCManFM 0.9.x? Read this FAQ!

    After the release of the so-called RC1 (actually 0.9.7) of PCManFM, I got some bug reports, which are not bugs. Please, read this document before you submitting a bug report. At least packagers need to read this before packaging. Otherwise you’ll end up with something that never works. This guide is very complete and it […]

  • PCManFM 0.9.7 + libfm 0.1.12 (RC1)

    The new file manager, next generation of PCManFM, is now entering RC1 (release candidate for 1.0). Most of the bugs in pcmanfm bug tracker are cleared and the stability is quite good. As we are now in feature-freeze, no new features are added and this is a major bug fix release. Please get it heavily […]

  • Updated roadmap of new PCManFM

    As the development of next generation PCManFM continues, there are many questions from the community and there is even some FUD regarding to comparison with previous 0.5 series. It’s time to have an more clear and updated roadmap. Volume management: Currently, gvfs is used for this, but this dependency is temporary and it will be […]

  • Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 is Released

    The release manager of Lubuntu release, the community maintained Ubuntu variant featuring LXDE, Julien Lavergne just announced the availability of Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 2. Here is his release note on the mailing list: “The Lubuntu Lucid Beta 2 is now available. Don’t forget that it’s build with Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) which is still in Beta […]

  • Important Updates for Google Summer of Code

    Hi all potential students, Since most of the previously proposed items are not suitable for Google SoC because they are not challenging enough, I rewrite the whole page and list some real projects which can be done for the whole summer. Some of previously proposed items are too easy and some can even be done […]

  • Make conky work with LXDE desktop manager.

    It’s reported by many users that conky doesn’t work with desktop management provided by PCManFM. Personally I do not use Conky, but many of our users use it. I’ve been seeking for a solution for our users but didn’t find one. Recently I saw a blog post containing a screenshot with working conky + pcmanfm. […]

  • Google Summer of Code

    Since LXDE is accepted as a mentoring organization, we’re preparing for the event. Here are the current idea list and some guides on application for potential participants: The information from Google: The idea list of LXDE for Google SoC 2010: Guides for students: Except the items currently in the idea list, it […]

  • LXPolkit – Simple policykit authentication agent.

    Generally when one needs to use policykit, he or she needs to install policykit-gnome. Now we have our own. A new component LXPolkit was added. It’s minimal policykit authentication agent. Here is a screenshot: To test it, grab the source code from git. git clone git:// After translations get updated and it has been better […]

  • Standard LXDE project template containing a good set of automake/autoconf/gettext rules

    For the upcoming Google Soc, I just created a standard LXDE project template. This template can be used as skeleton of future LXDE projects. It’s here: Online browsing or download latest snapshot:;a=tree;f=template;h=734cb3e4c3abe223521b6d5c717537230d6822d6;hb=HEAD The following command should help you get it from git. git clone git:// Currently this template contains: 1. Our project standard 2. […]