Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 is Released

The release manager of Lubuntu release, the community maintained Ubuntu variant featuring LXDE, Julien Lavergne just announced the availability of Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 2. Here is his release note on the mailing list:

“The Lubuntu Lucid Beta 2 is now available. Don’t forget that it’s build
with Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) which is still in Beta state of development,
so same warnings: Pre-releases of Lucid are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage.  They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs. We passed Feature Freeze, that mean most of the features should now be available. It’s now time for testing and fixing bugs.”

== New stuff since Beta 1 ==

* Auto-login at install time
* Support encrypted home directory
* Up-to-date lxdm, libfm and pcmanfm2

== Specific Lubuntu changes ==

Lubuntu still contains modifications not available in the official
repository, you can see them in the Lubuntu PPA [1] :
– New pcmanfm2 and libfm (LP: #523433)
– lubuntu-default-settings with pcmanfm2 support
– Fix for blurry shutdown-icon from elementary-icons (LP: #527345)
– Autologin support in ubiquity (LP: #546445)
– New lxdm

== Testing needed ==

Recent additions :
– pcmanfm2, the new filemanager, is still in beta state.
– The new lxdm may fixed some issue regarding the keyring and PAM
support, but it needs more tests.

== Known bugs ==

* If you test on a USB, the first screen will freeze for a moment when
you click on “Try Lubuntu …”. Just wait, it will continue as normal.

== Download ==




For those who haven’t try Lubuntu or LXDE, it’s a good chance to do it. The Lubuntu team did a great job to integrate LXDE and Ubuntu. This might be one of the best LXDE-based Ubuntu variant ever. Kudos the Lubuntu team!

== Links ==

* Lubuntu:

* Twitter:

* Documentation:

20 responses to “Lubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 is Released”

  1. Hello Julien,

    You link “” actually points to “” which returns a 404. I think it is just a case of a misplaced , as the underscore for the link continues under the characters “Md5”.

    If I copy/paste the the link text, I get to the .iso just fine. Torrent is fine.


  2. I’v just had the second disappointment with Lubunto. I tried the Beta 1 and noticed the network manager was not working for the mobile 3g broadband dongles. Well, I thought by beta2 it would be fixed. One hour ago, I found it’s announcement at Distrowatch. I hurry up to download and install it. Then I could not believe when I noticed the said problem was not fixed yet. Otherwise, you made a nice distro and a good work

  3. “bonjour” (from france…),
    could it be a way to boot lubuntu from 1 old amd k6-2 (kernel problem) ?
    best regards,

  4. I really like lubuntu. It’s just what I need from on Operating System.

    But I’m not using lubuntu on a dated hardware. I’m using it on recent hardware and I should tell you it just flies. It loads superfast.

    I had to replace
    gnome office => openoffice
    pdf viewer => acrobat
    sylpheed => thunderbird
    install firefox along side chrome for my needs.

    It is great that lubuntu comes with gnome office and light weight software, but I think it will be a great idea if there is an edition of lubuntu for latest hardware as well with software such as openoffice, firefox, thunderbird, etc.,

    Congratulations t othe developers. This distro ROCKS!!!

  5. I tested and install on Compaq Mini 110c and little disapointed. wlan work, but after some restarting dissapeared and I cant get wlan work, also 1/3 starting is freezing. How to get wlan working on my machine? please help.

  6. also I cant get working lubuntu netbook desktop. I set this desktop, but after shutdown all goes to default

  7. i install ubuntu netbook remix 10.04 beta2 and choose second wireless driver and wlan works, in lubuntu is only one wireless driver

  8. @Mathi
    Well if you’re looking for lubuntu version for big, fat, new hardware with above mentioned apps follow this link

    Maybe you have heard bout it, but I honestly doubt it.

  9. Hello.
    Well… I’m about to try Lubuntu on my old Dell Inpiron 5100 Laptop (Pentium IV, 256 MB RAM). I have used Xubuntu before but it has some problems with the graphics card, strange, since neither Ubuntu or Debian or Mandriva had given me this problem, but all they was very slow.
    I keep in touch…

  10. I’m sure you thought about it carefully, but Chromium is really fattier than Firefox (or Arora, or Midori or Opera). The browser is currently faster, but its memory usage is just huge!

    I am not sure it is the right choice for a light weight distribution meant to run on old hardware with limited memory ressources…

  11. @Ahmad
    Midori isn’t that light either. Ok: it has blisteringly fast startup time ( dillo notwithstanding 😀 ), with few tabs opened memory consuption is decent ( still bigger then opera’s ) but more tabs it consumes more memory than opera 🙁

  12. dear developers, please, insert in distro better wireless driver