Standard LXDE project template containing a good set of automake/autoconf/gettext rules

For the upcoming Google Soc, I just created a standard LXDE project template. This template can be used as skeleton of future LXDE projects.

It’s here:
Online browsing or download latest snapshot:;a=tree;f=template;h=734cb3e4c3abe223521b6d5c717537230d6822d6;hb=HEAD
The following command should help you get it from git.
git clone git://

Currently this template contains:
1. Our project standard
2. A basic getting gtk+ and gettext configured.
3. proper to build *.c and to install data files
4. Gettext/intltool integration
5. Handling of glade/ui files installation and optimization
6. An about dialog data/ui/ automatically updates its
version number everytime.
7. Automatically generate po/LINGUAS from the result of `ls po/*.po`
so you don’t have to maintain a list of available languages and this
can work nicely with online translation service.

This should save quite a lot of time when creating new project.

Please consider making use of this standard template when creating new
projects for LXDE.

Cheers and happy hacking!