PCManFM 0.9.7 + libfm 0.1.12 (RC1)

The new file manager, next generation of PCManFM, is now entering RC1 (release candidate for 1.0).
Most of the bugs in pcmanfm bug tracker are cleared and the stability is quite good. As we are now in feature-freeze, no new features are added and this is a major bug fix release.
Please get it heavily tested. If you want to help the development, you can:

  1. Help the test and debugging. Please read this guide.
  2. Promotion, spread the word, and show off to your colleagues
  3. Help answering questions in our forum or forums of some Linux distros or just redirect them to this detailed guide.
  4. Donation is welcomed. My PayPal account is: pcman.tw@gmail.com

No new screenshot this time as this is a bug-fix release without any change in UI.
Some major changes are:

  1. The binary name is now changed back to pcmanfm since it’s stable enough for daily use and is ready to replace the old pcmanfm 0.5.x series. So packagers please be careful when packaging this since it cannot be co-exist with the old pcmanfm from now on.
  2. Resize of desktop when screen resolution is changed now works
  3. Mid-click on side-pane now open folders in new tabs
  4. Better compatibility with gtk+ 3
  5. Use “tab-new” icon for new tab tool button rather than “gtk-new”
  6. Fix several seg faults
  7. Fix some missing icons for desktop entry files (*.desktop)
  8. Merge directory contents correctly when pasting to an existing folders
  9. Fix auto-scroll during drag and drop in folder view
  10. Translation updates

The goal is to make a stable 1.0 release with production quality as soon as possible and deprecate 0.5 series. We’re in feature-freeze period so there won’t be new features added until 1.0 is released. My current plan is to make 2 ~ 3 RC release before the final stable release. I’ll make RC release when I fix most of the solvable problems. However, I won’t decide when to release final stable version myself this time.
I leave the decision regarding to when to make a 1.0 stable release to our package maintainers for ArchLinux, Debian, Fedora, SuSE, and Ubuntu and our translation coordinator. If all of them agree that the file manager is stable enough and there should be a 1.0 stable release, we can make one. If the quality doesn’t meet the requirements for a stable release, then I’ll keep fixing it until it’s suitable for production use.
This should ensure enough quality assurance for this major component of LXDE.

P.S. The new PCManFM can manage the desktop icons, but you need to start it with “pcmanfm –desktop”

Thank you all

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  1. Ah thanks so much for this! I am glad we are finally getting to rc stages. Built it with debug options just in case i run into something. Your work is very much appreciated!

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