LXQt now has “full” Qt5 support

After the first official public release 0.7, the LXQt team is working on making it better. Our recent focus is fixing existing bugs and migrating from Qt4 to Qt5, which is required if we want to support Wayland. Now we had something to show. The latest source code in our git repository can be compiled with Qt5. by just passing -DUSE_QT5=ON flag to cmake. Building with Qt4 is still supported until the next release, but later we’ll focus on Qt5.
Recently we also got some patches from the community and also a new developer joined us. We’re now fixing some remaining bugs. Hopefully we can have 0.8 release soon. 🙂

10 responses to “LXQt now has “full” Qt5 support”

  1. When you release 0.8 please do a comparison between Qt4 and Qt5 versions.

    Qt5 is now at version 5.3 and it would be interesting to see the numbers.

  2. This is a pure Qt development or is just like KDE which make his own librarys on top Qt?
    And I hope the Qt development rise again because Qt-apps is near dead…

  3. Thanks to every one supporting LxQt, this is a very important project

  4. Would it be possible to bring some KDE frameworks to LXQt in the near future?
    The biggest one that comes to mind is KDE Connect, which currently doesn’t function under LXQt.

  5. Please, guys,I know how hard it is to work without getting paid (I’ve done that”) continue the good work. The reward is really near.