LxImage-Qt image viewer

The image viewer of LXQt (LXDE-Qt) has been improved much recently. Here is the latest screenshot.


Here is a brief list of recent changes:

  1. Printing support added
  2. Thumbnail preview (the bottom pane on the screenshot)
  3. Built-in tool to take a screenshot
  4. Slide show support
  5. Improved fullscreen support
  6. Improved preference dialog
  7. File properties dialog added

The image viewer is fully functional and usable now. At the same time, other LXQt components are getting some more updates as well. Though there are no formal releases of LXQt yet, the latest code in git already works pretty well. Please stay tunned! 🙂

2 responses to “LxImage-Qt image viewer”

  1. Been using LXQT for a few weeks, it’s really nice to see its steady progress.
    Well, it appears that the image viewer already do a little more than (just) display images… Would you consider to include a ‘crop’ function on it? 😀