New Mailing List lxde-i18n for translators

In the past we used <> to coordinate translation work for LXDE. This mailing list server, however, suffers from unexpected downtime sometimes recently and has some maintaince issues. To eliminate the maintaince load and provide more stable service, we’re moving to a new mailing list hosted on after some discussions. Since all other LXDE-related mailing lists are all on, it’s quite natural to do so for translations as well.

Address of the new mailing list is: <>
To subscribe or unsubscribe, please go to:

Current and potential future translators of LXDE, if you see this message, please subscibe to the new mailing list instead. We already start using the new mailing list to coordinate translation work. The traffic of the list is low and we call for translations when a new release is being planned. The lxde-i18n list is specifically used for translation and related discussions only. General development issues are discussed using the “lxde-list” mailing list.

Some new releases of LXDE components are now being planned. So let’s do it!

2 Replies to “New Mailing List lxde-i18n for translators”

  1. \You did it again\, i18n is something for the developper, knowing what and how you have to best format the english strings and ways to get them translated in other languages.

    l10n is the right word when translating from english to another language, it’s about localisation 🙂

  2. we did discuss the naming. at least it wasn’t choosen to be lxde-translation or lxde-internationalization.

    gnome and debian uses -i18n as the generic place for translation related discussions and that’s more or less why we took the i18n path. it’s just an address, we knwo the differences, don’t worry.

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