Desktop icons are now freely movable!

I just merged the latest movable desktop icon support to master branch.
So now it’s available in git repository. If you’re installing from git you’ll get it.

There are still some usability issues, but it mostly works quite well.
After two years, finally we have movable desktop icons. Really thank you all for the patience.

To test the latest source code and help debug, please follow this guide:


7 Replies to “Desktop icons are now freely movable!”

  1. Thank you, PCMan.
    It works fine but the files/folders that were once moved don’t obey anymore to the automatic ordering.
    For it to be in a usable state there must be both the possibility to move the icons and also to reorder them automatically.

    Off-topic, this morning the shuffled order for files/folders the first time pcmanfm’s window is opened returned. I reported it at

  2. They reorder themselves in the next login.

    (I’ll sign up to pcmamfm users mailing list and give feedback there if needed)

  3. 🙂
    Sorry for that.
    Now I see the “Stick to current position” context menu option.
    Thank you.

    I’ll test better before posting…

  4. Oh, great news, but I am not sure whether it is available in Lubuntu 10.10 or Peppermint os. Would you please post on how to implement it in older LXDE?


  5. Hi, I use pcmanfm-git and libfm-git from AUR in Arch64. Pcmanfm is unable to copy any file which has a space in its filename.


    copying “/media/Keshav_3/Movies_Tamil/Apoorva Sagodharargal.avi” to “/media/Keshav_2/” dir gives the error

    : Error stating file ‘/media/Keshav_3/Movies_Tamil/Apoorva%20Sagodharargal.avi’: No such file or directory

    I had no such problem when I compiled pcmanfm-git and libfm-git about a week before. No problems with pcmanfm-mod either. Thanks is advance.

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