LXAppearance becomes the most feature-rich Gnome-free gtk+ theme changer.

As stated in previous posts, LXAppearance is currently being rewritten. Today, the rewrite is finished.
Now LXAppearance becomes the most feature-rich Gnome-free gtk+ theme changer.
Let’s see a screenshot:
If the gtk+ theme you use supports color schemes, such as Clearlooks, you can customize these colors in LXAppearance, just like what you can do in gnome-appearance-properties.

Later, LXAppearance2  will replace LXAppearance and move to lxappearance git repository.

Main features of LXApppearance2:

  1. Depends on gtk+ only. Can work completely without gnome.
  2. Friendly and Gnome HIG compliant user interface
  3. Provides real-time preview of the selected themes
  4. Changes icon theme
  5. Changes cursor theme in a almost desktop independent way.
  6. Supports color schemes. You can change the color used by themes if the themes support gtk color scheme.
  7. Able to install/remove icon and cursor themes in a user-friendly way
  8. Provides additional options for gtk toolbars
  9. Able to turn off event sound provided by libcanberra-gtk-module.
  10. Changes default font used by gtk+ applications
  11. Although this is a LXDE component, it works perfectly well outside LXDE and it has no LXDE dependencies.

To get the latest source code in development:
git clone git://lxde.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/lxde/lxappearanceIf you’re a happy user and you want to donate, my PayPal account is pcman.tw@gmail.com.

Please get it heavily tested and give some feedbacks. Patches is also welcomed.

8 responses to “LXAppearance becomes the most feature-rich Gnome-free gtk+ theme changer.”

  1. please, also add ability to remove underlines (gtk-enable-mnemonics and/or gtk-auto-mnemonics), they are just ugly to look at and everything looks bloated with them shown.

  2. Please, dont forget on wallpaper settings, that arent in pcman, so they could be rather in lxapperarance.

  3. lxappearance really needs fonts anti-aliasing settings and dpi settings tab.

    thanks for the wonderful software PCMan