LXAppearance – OpenBox Integration is Finished!

Since LXAppearance now supports plugins, it’s possible to add new features to it with third party plugins. Today I ported the GUI configuration tool for OpenBox obconf to LXAppearance. Now a plugin for seamless OpenBox integration is available.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

No additional dependencies are added to LXAppearance. You get this “Window Border” page and the openbox support only when the plugin is installed. In addition, the plugin won’t be loaded if openbox is not in use. Perfect!

The source code is here for the brave:

Note: Ubuntu 10.04 users cannot get this correctly compiled and linked due to a bug of Ubuntu 10.04. The bug will be fixed in Ubuntu 10.10. So don’t bug report to me if it doesn’t compile/link on Ubuntu 10.04. That’s normal.


12 responses to “LXAppearance – OpenBox Integration is Finished!”

  1. configure fail because lxappearance2 doesn’t provide (yet) a pkgconfig file (2010 – 08 – 07)

    checking for LXAPPEARANCE… configure: error: Package requirements (lxappearance) were not met:

    No package ‘lxappearance’ found

    Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
    installed software in a non-standard prefix.

    Alternatively, you may set the environment variables LXAPPEARANCE_CFLAGS
    and LXAPPEARANCE_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
    See the pkg-config man page for more details.

  2. Works great
    Just keeps getting better, thanks for all of your work.


  3. Just to throw this one out there, it debianized, compiled, and built perfectly fine on my 10.04 system. Works like a champ as well, so it’s certainly possible. Maybe a cleaner system would have different results (mine’s been messed with a good bit).

    Right now I’m just curious as to whether you plan to add the ability to adjust the number of desktops at any point in the future?

  4. Just to note on updating to the latest git the current translations comits seem to break the build. I used a snaphot from a couple of days earlier which compiled fine

  5. @richard: I edited po/LINGUAS substituting “no” with “nb” and this seems to fix the build with git version of lxappearance-obconf. 馃檪

  6. I’ve installed lxappearance 0.5.0 in Debian Sid and it’s working.
    Then I’ve got the latest source code for lxappearance-obconf, it configures fine but gives errors in “make”:
    src/main.h:28:28: error: openbox/render.h: Arquivo ou diret贸rio n茫o encontrado
    src/main.h:29:30: error: openbox/instance.h: Arquivo ou diret贸rio n茫o encontrado
    src/main.h:30:27: error: openbox/parse.h: Arquivo ou diret贸rio n茫o encontrado
    In file included from src/archive.c:6:
    src/main.h:35: error: expected 鈥=鈥, 鈥,鈥, 鈥;鈥, 鈥榓sm鈥 or 鈥榑_attribute__鈥 before 鈥榙oc鈥
    src/main.h:36: error: expected 鈥=鈥, 鈥,鈥, 鈥;鈥, 鈥榓sm鈥 or 鈥榑_attribute__鈥 before 鈥榬oot鈥
    src/main.h:37: error: expected 鈥=鈥, 鈥,鈥, 鈥;鈥, 鈥榓sm鈥 or 鈥榑_attribute__鈥 before 鈥*鈥 token
    src/archive.c: In function 鈥榗reate_theme_archive鈥:
    src/archive.c:103: error: 鈥楨XIT_SUCCESS鈥 undeclared (first use in this function)
    src/archive.c:103: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    src/archive.c:103: error: for each function it appears in.)
    src/archive.c: In function 鈥榠nstall_theme_to鈥:
    src/archive.c:199: error: 鈥楨XIT_SUCCESS鈥 undeclared (first use in this function)
    make[2]: ** [src/src_obconf_la-archive.lo] Erro 1
    make[2]: Saindo do diret贸rio `/home/temp/Desktop/lxappearance-obconf’
    make[1]: ** [all-recursive] Erro 1
    make[1]: Saindo do diret贸rio `/home/temp/Desktop/lxappearance-obconf’
    make: ** [all] Erro 2

    ‘Arquivo ou diret贸rio n茫o encontrado’ means ‘File or directory not found’.

  7. Thank you, ponce. But I have it installed (I needed to install it to be able to complete “configure”).
    I don’t have obconf installed, so I’ll try to install it and see if it makes any difference (like from bringing in some dependency). As you can see I’m just an amateur with these things.

  8. obconf brought only itself and “make” gave the same errors.