LXAppearance gets a rewrite, too!

While the rewrite of PCManFM/libfm is still in progress, another parts of LXDE requires more attention. So this week I did a rewrite/redesign for LXAppearance. The most notable change is the new cursor theme support. Let’s see some screenshots:

The main screen demostrating current GTK+ theme didn’t change much.

The icon theme choosing page now becomes cleaner.

Guess what? The cursor theme configuration tool with nice preview. This is the most expected feature and now it’s added.

A new option was added to change toolbar icon size. Even more, it’s now possible to turn off the annoying and disturbing GUI event sounds made by libcanberra-gtk-module with LXAppearance.

LXAppearance is the tool let you change the look and feels of gtk+ programs. However, it can work very well outside LXDE. If LXDE is detected, it uses lxde’s Xsettings daemon. Otherwise, it writes the configurations to ~/.gtkrc-2.0. So it’s fully usable outside LXDE. Among the all non-gnome dependent gtk+ theme changer, LXAppearance may become the most feature-rich one. Please stay tuned.

For those who are brave, here is the code:


8 responses to “LXAppearance gets a rewrite, too!”

  1. wow!
    So good to see grow LXDE. I started using it a few months ago … and honestly I love it! :). It has everything I need, and is simple!.

    I’m from Argentina.
    byee! 😉

  2. I want to try the git version. Can anyone provide a PKGBUILD for this in AUR.

  3. picture yourself/ves previewing a particularly abstract icon theme. what does that icon stand for? where will it appear? and that other one? i think that the icon text/name that appears now in the stable version should not go away.
    (may be also useful for previewing cursor themes. though i have not come across any particularly abstract theme, one never knows…)

  4. Thanks for the great work and very much for the cursor themes, now it´s become more easier to configure them.

  5. This is great, but for those of use who use compiz with lxde, we still have no way of changing window border.

  6. @3 PKGBUILD is present on AUR, as \lxappereance2-git\ 😉

    anyway great work, can I ask the addition of a feature? in some cases of using this utility in non-DE desktops, it would be useful to have also a metacity theme changer (i’m using compiz-standalone for example, with gtk-window-decorator that uses metacity appereance)

    I know that metacity is part of His GNOM-Evilness 😀 but I think that with this addition, this utility will be really perfect!