10 Replies to “A Status Matrix for LXDE Components”

  1. Network managers are very important, but lxnm is not active.
    Music players are not so important, but lxmusic is active.

  2. I want to mention that starting from 0.1.7 version lxterminal has problems with responsiveness.
    Just install and compare 0.1.6 with 0.1.7 or 0.1.8 or 0.1.9.
    It’s most clearly seen while changing the window size (just try to maximize the window).

  3. Hi.

    Did you get my message with a screenshot of PCManFM new navigation bar?

    There was an error when I send it, somthing like “error – message not sent” and “message set – ok” at the same time.

    And yes, I didn’t remember, where i posted this, but somewhere in this blog.

    By the way, how can I contact PCManFM developer to suggest something?


  4. @lightwight networkmanagers
    there are already light and good alternatives
    for wireless connections wpa_supplicant and for lan ifplugd

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