Category: Release

  • LXPanel 0.9.2 released.

    A little update again happened. One of core LXDE components, panel, got few bugs fixed, so it’s time to release those fixes. No reason to wait more, some people are waiting it enough. Thank you all for found bugs, you are welcome to find more so we can fix them. 🙂 New release tarball download […]

  • LXTerminal 0.3.0 released.

    Terminal emulator of LXDE had no releases in long time. That does not mean there was nothing to do, and also does not mean nobody worked on it. Just no releases were ready. Few days ago new update was released, and we are happy to present it to you. New release tarball download link: lxterminal-0.3.0.tar.gz […]

  • LXSession 0.5.3 released.

    Long time no releases came to the session manager of LXDE. Don’t think we have forgotten you, it was just some bugs were too nasty to be hasty to release. And since now it became more stable, we can present you next release. We all hope it’s better than previous one was. New release tarball […]

  • LibFM + PCManFM 1.2.5 released!

    As usual, two core parts of LXDE are released together, with the same version. Those are very close one to another, you know – LibFM is a core, and PCManFM is a frontend and desktop manager. And since bugs can be found in every piece of software (well, Murphy’s laws say so), releasing LibFM and […]

  • New utility released! Meet LXHotkey.

    Sometimes such moments happen, sure, and new piece of software which was wanted by some, is released, so life becomes easier (not for all, yes, but that is just another story anyway). So meet LXHotkey, it’s an utility which let you to have an interface to manage hotkeys (also known as shortcuts), i.e. key combinations […]

  • LXDE-Common 0.99.2 released.

    Another update of LXDE package. This time it’s the package which have a key to enter LXDE easily, and that package reasonably have LXDE in its name. Not too much updates but they were inevitable, as LXDE evolves. New release tarball download link: lxde-common-0.99.2.tar.xz – SHA1: e54d80b64e6a89ff1f89ced7a826fa4e8bf453ec

  • LXPanel 0.9.1 released.

    Just two days passed after release 0.9.0, and next release… Just because it cannot be fully built on non-Linux due to very small but regrettable mistake in the volume plugin code, and also newly introduced flicker with some window managers, since these two problems are important enough, it was decided to release 0.9.1 so soon. […]

  • LXPanel 0.9.0 released.

    Since last spring, when release 0.8.2 happened, one of key components of LXDE, the panel, was undergone heavy improvements and bugs fixing. So now we are proud to present you new nice version of LXPanel – 0.9.0. Not final release 1.0 still as not all good things implemented yet, but some new ones are there […]

  • Menu-Cache 1.0.2 released.

    Well, this spring there were few releases that were not announced here. Menu-cache library wasn’t among them and let not continue that practice of non-announced releases. Since last release few bugs were found and cleansed so time for new release came now. Thanks everyone for patience and reported bugs! A release tarball download link: menu-cache-1.0.2.tar.xz […]

  • Menu-cache 1.0.1 released.

    A lot of time passed since the first stable release and a lot of issues found in it. Be them small or not, they’ve got their fixes so new release was waited a lot, and it finally happens. Thank you everyone for your patience and bugs reported! A release tarball download link: menu-cache-1.0.1.tar.xz – SHA1: […]