Menu-cache 1.0.1 released.

A lot of time passed since the first stable release and a lot of issues found in it. Be them small or not, they’ve got their fixes so new release was waited a lot, and it finally happens. Thank you everyone for your patience and bugs reported!
A release tarball download link:
menu-cache-1.0.1.tar.xz – SHA1: 58862c665f2ae56870a9937cdcd643674b2ac8ba

Changes since release 1.0.0 (see git log for details):

  • Fixed crash on generating menu with both tags <DefaultAppDirs/> and <KDELegacyDirs/> present.
  • Fixed crash when menu-cache-gen ran manually without CACHE_GEN_VERSION.
  • Fixed crash in menu-cache-gen on <Filename> in menu layout with <OnlyUnallocated/> tag present.
  • Fixed incorrect processing of <Merge type=”files”> in menu-cache-gen.
  • Added safeguards against environment variables containing newlines.
  • Fixed case when cache was not updated while it should, it was claimed to be fixed in 1.0.0 but apparently fix was incomplete.
  • Fixed ignored <Filename> tags inside of <Layout>.
  • Fixed memory corruption in scanning <LegacyDir> addressed directory.