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  • Menu-Cache 1.0.2 released.

    Well, this spring there were few releases that were not announced here. Menu-cache library wasn’t among them and let not continue that practice of non-announced releases. Since last release few bugs were found and cleansed so time for new release came now. Thanks everyone for patience and reported bugs! A release tarball download link: menu-cache-1.0.2.tar.xz […]

  • Menu-cache 1.0.1 released.

    A lot of time passed since the first stable release and a lot of issues found in it. Be them small or not, they’ve got their fixes so new release was waited a lot, and it finally happens. Thank you everyone for your patience and bugs reported! A release tarball download link: menu-cache-1.0.1.tar.xz – SHA1: […]

  • Menu-cache stable release.

    That happened again! One more 1.0.0 version, which means package grew enough and became mature, featureful, and bugless. First one was LibFM/PCManFM, not it’s time for another library, menu-cache. Almost month after release candidate, some bug found, and now we hope it is really good for everyone. A release tarball download link: menu-cache-1.0.0.tar.xz – SHA1: e7b3854109f9826472cf9795e924acebe5e27861 Changes […]

  • Menu-Cache 1.0.0-rc1 is available!

    Next component of LXDE became so much mature that is should be called stable release, without that leading 0 in version number! That is a progress which should happen with any good software. So now let it be, and everyone is encouraged to get it, build it, install it, use it. No bugs are known […]

  • Menu-Cache 0.7.0 released.

    We are sorry that news come to you late but that’s how it is. Yet in very beginning of this autumn next feature release of library that supports cached access to XDG-compliant desktop menus happened. New release tarball download link: menu-cache-0.7.0.tar.xz – SHA1: da29b2dabad0c5fff4d0a9771dff3425038166fa Changes since previous release 0.6.1 (see git log for details): Added bit of […]

  • menu-cache 0.5.0 released

    The backend library to read freedesktop.org application menu files has been released with four major changes. Added a possibility to include NoDisplay files into cache file. This can be achieved by adding suffix ‘+hidden’ to requested name in call to menu_cache_lookup(). The hidden items will be returned along with visible ones by any API that […]

  • Important bug fix release for menu-cache 0.4.1!

    Just days since the last release and here I am again prodding about menu-cache. Release early, release often in real life =) All changes was there but one file was missing in the generated tar file we distribute. Sorry. No real changes are available in this relase if you pull and use git, but the […]

  • menu-cache 0.4.0 released!

    The backend library to read freedesktop.org application menu files has been released updating important aspects. The libmenu-cache is made thread-safe. Thread-unsafe APIs are marked as deprecated now and should be never used in any multithreaded application. Added creation of HTML developers documentation. It is triggered by configure script option –enable-gtk-doc. The libmenu-cache is made more […]

  • menu-cache 0.3.3 released!

    The backend library to read freedesktop.org application menu files has been released with some minor updates. Last release was seen 18 months ago, this is about time right? =) menu-cache-0.3.3.tar.gz, sha1sum: d9b880ef8a01cb488c028617b2817e9e785798ca changelog f675453 – Update with debian directory 7c6a0d3 – Add experimental vapi for menu-cache, made by Axel FILMORE c3b8c57 – Use dh in […]

  • New LXDE Components available

    PCMan released new LXDE Components and improved settings structure of LXDE. 1. LXInput. This is a config tool used to configure your keyboard and mouse under LXDE. 2. The lxde-settings-daemon: The original lxde-settings is moved from lxde-common to a new separate package and was renamed to lxde-settings-daemon. In addition to the theme, now the settings […]