Important bug fix release for menu-cache 0.4.1!

Just days since the last release and here I am again prodding about menu-cache. Release early, release often in real life =)

All changes was there but one file was missing in the generated tar file we distribute. Sorry.

No real changes are available in this relase if you pull and use git, but the old tar file linked in the old post is just botched.

menu-cache-0.4.1.tar.gz, sha1sum: ca79049f9cab6d5099a8ab03584dc44bdc35a7c4

5 Replies to “Important bug fix release for menu-cache 0.4.1!”

  1. Bug in menu-cache.
    I am on archlinux 64 bits with openbox, when i try this small test in a terminal:

    main (int argc, char **argv)
    gtk_init(&argc, &argv);
    MenuCache *menu_cache = menu_cache_lookup_sync(“”);
    menu_cache_unref (menu_cache);
    return 0;
    with ~/cache/menus/ empty; it is ok but the second time i get :
    WARNING **: removed previous socket file /tmp/.menu-cached-:0-pierre and, in messages.log:
    localhost kernel: [17807.047651] menu-cached[1928]: segfault at 100000007 ip 00007fc663cbc9b2 sp 00007ffffdca9310 error 4 in[7fc663c43000+19d000]

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