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Transifex is out

Effective immediately we have stopped using for translating LXDE components. All translators and prospective translators inside the LXDE project have been informed about this move via the platform itself. We have removed the possibility to submit strings in the tool but unfortunately for people who have submitted stirngs there in spite of the earlier warnings we can not recover the strings. If you have done work and the file appears more complete in Tx than in git/pootle please contact the lxde-i18n mailinglist to get advice on how to proceed.

It’s sad to be forced down this path but as with every decision there is a rollback option. If the time changes we might consider to use again in the future. This is however way out of schedule by now.

Thanks everyone using Tx to do translations for LXDE – it’s been valuable and we hope you will switch to use Pootle instead (as upload service or as a online tool).

Thank you Transifex developers, we do know you a great guys doing a great deal of work but the connection between the projects just weren’t there for the time being. If you make changes that we might benefit from we love to here from you again!

Will LXDE continue to use

We’ve dropped transifex by now.


The recent weeks have been interesting in the world of online translation management as Transifex got promoted to 1.0. As we are one of the project using the hosted service at since almost a year now it was with both joy and disappointment we read the changelog. While bringing many nice features and awesome changes it also dropped the key advantage feature and the real killer, direct integration with VCS (in our case git at

For the time being we can not guarantee that changes made in LXDE translation files at will be integrated in the main LXDE component code. The general rule of thumb is to not use to do updates to LXDE components until further notice because the risk of changes being in conflict it might make your changes corrupt. We still have the Pootle server running and as long as nothing changes there it is a good way of doing the translations. For a limited time period we will also accept changes via e-mail, send a message to the LXDE i18n mailinglist to get this sorted out for you.

We will try to get going again. There is a possibility that we will fail and decide to not support it.
Either way we will state that here at the blog and in the LXDE i18n mailing list so just check back here in some days.

LXDE Buildbot!

A way to strengthen the qualityof your software is to test it as fast as possible with the needed code. For this purpose I just launched a buildbot master and slave running Debian testing. It is not automatically run against the code yet but I will include that functionality in the future. Having a buildbot that doesn’t build is not much worth =)

For the time being one can force a build from the web interface (given the right credentials and so on. just ask…), the code is update in CEST: 01 05 08 12 16 20. I would like to have more systems running as slaves to make the testing broader. I have some ideas on how to do it but nothing firm yet. First thing is to get it to autobuild on updates to the source tree. That and making LXMusic build, there is some dependecy problem floating around.

LXDE translation status

During last year we had biweekly updates to the translation community and it was a great help but as our components got more and more completed in regards to translations and the supported languages we dropped those reports to do more targeted messages.

Last week we updated all files and repositories to make the source files match the source codes more properly. At that time I added the numbers to a spread sheet outlining the complete support trend and health state of our translations.

Get the spread sheet above or read my summary at the LXDE development mailing list. At the moment we do not have a working mailing list for translations but we are working on that to get it solved.

Dropping support for unmaintained languages

This is a part of improving the quality of LXDE, we have alot of brilliant and dedicated translators working with keep the DE accessible in native tounge for alot of languages but some languages never took of or the translatro left or something and this renders more work for me.

We have infrastructure for 48 languages (other than English) and some of them is not maintained at all. Some components are translated in other languages but those corner cases is not in question here.

I want to drop Pootle support for the following languages

Some of these are not present in the subversion repositories and only accessible via Pootle because some translator hoped to do the translation some day. Files in the subversion repositories will not be removed. I will on the other hand edit the LINGUAS files in the repositoy to not build languages that we do not provide infrastructional support for. This will then mean that there are files present that won’t get used even when components are built from source.

If you intend to do any of these translations please step forward and tell us. I won’t remove the support from Pootle just yet. If you know good people that does translate to these languages, go ahead and ask them if the would like to join in the effort and help us make these supported again.
I will try to contact established translation teams for the languages in major distributions (fedora, debian) and the translation projects.

And lastly, there will be major updates to the files the coming week to make everything consistent. I will add support for LXDM too as it is maturing at a rapid speed.

LXMusic 0.4.2 released!

Today Jürgen Hötzel of the LXDE development team released an updated verison of LXMusic. Download it at sourceforge.

The most important changes:

  • fix all gcc compilation warnings
    LXMusic can be compiled using  CFLAGS “-Wall -Werror”
  • on_playlist_content_received
    Request medialib info for whole playlist at once instead of requesting and updating each track successive. This improves speed for loading whole playlist a lot because we get rid of a lot of context switches between lxmusic and xmms2d.
  • on_playlist_content_received
    Use gtk_list_store_insert_with_values. This single call is is more efficient on large playlists than calling gtk_list_store_append and gtk_list_store_set (which emits also row_changed and rows_reordered signals).
  • fix memory leak
    Previously playlist model/filter not freed when switching playlist.
  • Get rid of xmmsv_propdict_to_dict and thus of a lot of intermediate propdicts allocated on the heap
    According to Google perftools this reduces heap usage from 24MB to 2MB when loading a 4000-track play-list!
  • Translation updates

Fedora 12 LXDE Spin – Take two!

Finally the hard working people over at the Fedora project have released a working Fedora 12 Spin featuring LXDE! Christoph has the complete story behind the delay, never mind that though and go grab your copy at (in the last couple of hours 60 other downloads have already occured).

Serbian and (soon) Catalan translations added!

LXDE пројекат је данас веома срећан да објави да је српски још један од подржаних језика у LXDE радном окружењу. Са српским преводом, број корисника које могу користити LXDE радно окружење на матерњем језику повећава за око 11 милиона!

LXDE is now almost completely translated to Serbian after a huge effort of the sole translator Jay Alexander. PCManFM is not translated by now but as there might not be any new releases at all for that project all core components and major parts of the DE is done. Good work and welcome all Serbian speaking users!

For Catalan there are two people working on the translation, it looks promising from the updates in the wiki page. Stay tuned for the addition of Catalan soon.

(The excerpt in Serbian above is a translation of this English phrase. The LXDE project is today very happy to announce that Serbian is another of the supported languages of LXDE. With Serbian the number of users that can have LXDE in their native tounge increases with about 11 million!)

If I had a XO as a child!?

Visited the local post office earlier this week and collected a parcel from Berlin. Mario had sent me one OLPC XO courtsey of the LXDE Foundation. I will use it to participate in the LXDE based efforts for doing things for the OLPC project. The aims for the LXDE side of thing is to take the XO to children in a slightly older target audience. Kinda strange, I was stunned by the nice things included in the standard setup.

We did the unboxing at my house (I live with four other people here and we had even a guest from Switzerland over) and we were all amazed of the cute little machine. Me and one of the girls who are more in to the programming and doing interesting stuff besides surfing with a computer was carried away. I found myslef longing back to the days when I was a child. Ok, my C64 is still a bit cooler than the XO but there are some interesting similarities. The standard setup have some different applications to teach programming, more code in some and more for the problem solving in some. Terrific! That’s how it used to be back in the days (check out hacketyhack and _why for a overview of some the things I belive in. Doing real interesting stuff and not be served everything for instance).

Anyhow. I just got my developer key installed and disabled security in the machine, this will enable me to reflash it with either Fedora or Debian to run LXDE on top. As I am the Debian guy in other choices I am leaning more towards Fedora, kinda nice to be able to see something new here. I’ll check with cwickert about the status of the Fedora things.

The neighborhood thing is really really cool. Together with the mesh networking it’s like mindblowing. Why is that not default in all laptops? =)