Recent Advancement on libfm (core of next generation pcmanfm).

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Libfm can access remote filesystems now.
Libfm can access remote filesystems now.

Look! It’s sftp://.

By utilizing glib/gio and gvfs, now libfm can access remote filesystems supported by gvfs. Currently there is no auto-mounting. So when testing libfm, you need to mount the filesystems with gvfs-mount manually. However this should work once libfm is finished.

The current source code in svn repositoy can already work as a good filesystem browser. However other parts are not yet finished so it’s not fully working. Anyways, browsing local and remote filesystems already works.

For those who claimed that gio and gvfs are heavy and slow, please try libfm. Although it uses gio/gvfs in several parts, the speed and memory usage are still quite acceptible. Sometimes programs using gio and gvfs can be slow, but libfm is not slow at all. Nor will the next generation pcmanfm be slow. Please give it a try and you’ll see it.

The project page of libfm:

2 responses to “Recent Advancement on libfm (core of next generation pcmanfm).”

  1. What a coincidence… I just checked out the development yesterday night, few hours ago. 🙂 Really …thanks for your hard work. Libfm will be really cool 🙂

  2. It would be very nice if you could integrate a fast browsing method called “snake” into your filemanager. (also known as contextpath)
    What it does is opening up a contextmenu with the contents of the folder you are right clicking on. Then you can easily open up files and folders within this contextmenu by clicking on them. Clicking on a folder opens up the folder in the filemanager. Hovering over a folder will expand to a new contextmenu showing his contents.
    I think it is a very nice and fast method to scroll through files and folders.

    Screenshot:'s Guide/01_basics/art/contextPathTrans.gif