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  • Recent Advancement on libfm (core of next generation pcmanfm).

    Everybody loves screenshots! Look! It’s sftp://. By utilizing glib/gio and gvfs, now libfm can access remote filesystems supported by gvfs. Currently there is no auto-mounting. So when testing libfm, you need to mount the filesystems with gvfs-mount manually. However this should work once libfm is finished. The current source code in svn repositoy can already […]

  • LXPanel 0.5.3

    LXPanel 0.5.3 was released today.  We are working toward alleviating the discomfort that some users feel with vertical panels as they exist in 0.5.x for use on smaller screens. Please feel free to discuss further. General A serious flaw that prevented vertical panels from honoring their configured size was corrected.  With this fixed it is […]

  • LXPanel 0.5.1 is released.

    Soon after Marty Jack released LXPanel 0.5.0, I made some minor enhancements and here comes LXPanel 0.5.1. Changes: The “Run” dialog no longer hangs. Now it’s showed immediately when you open it. Available commands for auto-completion is loaded in background with multi-threading. Restore the old behavior of taskbar in earlier versions: Taskbar button for the […]

  • LXPanel 0.5.0

    LXPanel 0.5.0 is being readied for release.  Here is a preview of the new and changed features. General Optional automatic hiding of the panel when it is not being actively accessed is now supported.  It is configured on Panel Settings/Advanced. Vertical panels are now assumed to be wide, and things are drawn normally rather than […]

  • LXNM current status and the plan in the future

    Next generation of LXNM (Lightweight Network Manager) is still under development right now, You guys can see the prototype which was implemented in SVN already. In the future, LXNM will provide some programs includes lxnm daemon, utility which is a command line program to make control of all kind of networking devices be unified into […]

  • PCManFM: OpenSolaris distribution Milax with LXDE component

    The first LXDE component has been included in an OpenSolaris distribution. Milax includes PCMan File Manager in its new release. The LXDE/OpenSolaris project was started last year. Alfred Peng from China is responsible for porting LXDE components to OpenSolaris. Links: * http://www.milax.org/?p=218 * PCManFM http://wiki.lxde.org/en/PCManFM * http://opensolaris.org/os/community/desktop/communities/lxde/ * http://wiki.lxde.org/en/OpenSolaris Mario BehlingMario Behling is a German […]

  • GPicView 0.2 beta is coming with GIF animation support!

    Finally, we have yet another new release of GPicView. http://www.gnomefiles.org/app.php/GPicView Really glad to announce the upcoming release of gpicview 0.2. With the help from Marty Jack and Louis Casillas, some new features are added. * GIF animation support!! * Save jpeg and png files with different compression ratio. * Background color can be freely changed. […]

  • New LXDE Components available

    PCMan released new LXDE Components and improved settings structure of LXDE. 1. LXInput. This is a config tool used to configure your keyboard and mouse under LXDE. 2. The lxde-settings-daemon: The original lxde-settings is moved from lxde-common to a new separate package and was renamed to lxde-settings-daemon. In addition to the theme, now the settings […]

  • LXPanel 0.4 and menu-cache 0.2.4 released

    Hi all, here comes the latest release of LXPanel – version 0.4. First I’d like to say sorry because this is not a bug-free release. Some existing problems are not completely solved yet, but most of the bugs causing crashes were fixed. However, we feel it’s right time to have a new release. The menu-cache […]

  • LXNM Will Bring Back to Life

    So far LXNM(Network Manager of LXDE) was in prototype, LXDE team was just trying to implement a usable network utility. In the beginning, it was expected be enough to work instead of Network Manager of GNOME. But even today, most of people still uses LXDE desktop environment without LXNM due to it is so buggy […]