LXPanel 0.4 and menu-cache 0.2.4 released

Hi all, here comes the latest release of LXPanel – version 0.4.

LXPanel 0.4 screenshot
LXPanel 0.4 screenshot

First I’d like to say sorry because this is not a bug-free release.
Some existing problems are not completely solved yet, but most of the bugs causing crashes were fixed. However, we feel it’s right time to have a new release. The menu-cache library is now stable enough for extensive use in LXDE. This will give us a enhanced and faster application menu and lxlauncher. Later, the lib will be used by pcmanfm, too.

The new features and some important bug fixes really deserves a new release of lxpanel.
So here comes version 0.4.


To use LXPanel 0.4, you’ll also need following packages:
* menu-cache (lib used to parse freedesktop.org menu file and generate menu)
* lxmenu-data (data files used to generate application menu)

What’s new:
* A whole new application menu generated according to freedesktop.org menu spec.
(faster and more standard-compliant. has tooltips for menu items)
* Enhanced “Run” dialog.
* Auto-resize of application launcher buttons when panel size gets changed.
* Some important critical bug fixes.
* The problematic netstat plugin is now turned off by default. It will be moved to a separate project later.
* Building dynamic panel plugins outside the source tree of lxpanel is now possible.
* and more…

Some bugs are not yet fixed and we know that. We’ll do our best to fixed them later.

7 responses to “LXPanel 0.4 and menu-cache 0.2.4 released”

  1. Why it isn’t working?

    q@incoming:~/tmp/menu-cache-0.2.4$ ./configure
    q@incoming:~/tmp/menu-cache-0.2.4$ sudo make
    q@incoming:~/tmp/menu-cache-0.2.4$ sudo make install
    q@incoming:~/tmp/menu-cache-0.2.4$ cd ../lxpanel-0.4.0/
    q@incoming:~/tmp/lxpanel-0.4.0$ ./configure
    q@incoming:~/tmp/lxpanel-0.4.0$ sudo make
    q@incoming:~/tmp/lxpanel-0.4.0$ sudo make install
    q@incoming:~/tmp/lxpanel-0.4.0$ lxpanel
    lxpanel: error while loading shared libraries: libmenu-cache.so.0: cannot openshared object file: No such file or directory

    (outputs: http://rafb.net/p/MAbvhh15.html )

  2. Hello!
    I also had problem with error while loading shared libraries: libmenu-cache.so.0

    I solved it, by coping (…)/menu-cache-0.2.4/libmenu-cache/.libs/libmenu-cache.so.0.0.0
    to /usr/lib/libmenu-cache.so.0

    To authors: When I clicked on menu there are just two rows: Run and Logout

    Looks like menu didn’t create from *.desktop files in application folders.

    How can I solved it?

  3. some menu aren’t displayed.. I did what Roland said, but i am having the same problems as him…

    Why doesn’t say what we really have to do before releasing a new version? I dont know…

  4. Since I can do to personalize to the menu and to translate it into the Spanish language.