LibFM + PCManFM 1.3.2 released!

Two core parts of LXDE most of the time are releasing together, and that happened again. Not new major changes, just few more bugfixes. I would like to say something about translation updates but… unfortunately our Pootle server is still down and no other solution was introduced yet, so just few minor updates via Git. Fortunately, it is already in good shape so nothing too bad happened yet.
New release tarballs download links:
libfm-1.3.2.tar.xz – SHA1: 7c5c14dd0615b457687966ce4e55c2d054bf93e1
pcmanfm-1.3.2.tar.xz – SHA1: bc4e468b0ec3089aaf817eafed43ae06350961ee

Changes since previous LibFM release 1.3.1 (see git log for details):

  • Fixed all/allfiles parse conditions in FmAction, it was inverted.
  • Fixed ‘SelectionCount’ condition parsing in FmAction if ‘=’ was used.
  • Fix memory access error if home path == desktop path.
  • Added treating /usr/local/share/ as trusted for *.desktop files.
  • Fixed value for amount of data transferred in progress dialog.
  • Fixed preferred height in fm-cell-renderer-text.
  • Fixed search_window immediately disappearing on Wayland.
  • Changed thumbnails placement according to the XDG Base Directory Specification.
  • Changed xarchiver command invocation to create archive. It was incompatibly changed by the author in 2017.
  • Don’t set $DISPLAY for spawned process, let it be inherited from parent.
  • Fixed memory leak on sn_id in fm-action.c.

Changes since previous PCManFM release 1.3.1 (see git log for details):

  • Fixed case when some keyboard shortcuts stopped working: Alt+Home, Alt+Up.
  • Fixed sytem reboot delayed for 90 seconds in some cases.

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