PCManFM 0.9.1 + libfm 0.1.1 Alpha

Today, new alpha releases of PCManFM and libfm were made.

Again, let me show you the screenshot first.

Here are highlights of this release:

  1. Auto-mount for removable devices and and “Auto-run” dialog. (Finally we have this!)
  2. Support ‘menu://applications/’ to show installed applications in pcmanfm. (needs lxmenu-data) (reported to be a little bit buggy?)
  3. Support ‘menu://applications/DesktopSettings/’ to show configuration tools. This just acts like control center. (only when you have lxmenu-data installed)
  4. “Open in terminal” now works for folders on desktop
  5. “Create New” is working on desktop.
  6. The color of location bar is changed when pcmanfm is executed with root user.
  7. Fix command line argumnent-related bugs.
  8. Fix sorting related bugs
  9. New configure option: –enable-debug
  10. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Please get it heavily tested.


9 responses to “PCManFM 0.9.1 + libfm 0.1.1 Alpha”

  1. 1) I can’t automount my DVD drive from pcmanfm2 0.9.1. The icon for the drive doesn’t appear at all – the only shortcuts I have are home folder, desktop, trash and applications. The media is in the drive, and I can mount it via thunar (which I guess uses hal for mounting?). Auto-run doesn’t work either, nothing happenes when I insert the media.

    2) menu://applications/ is empty (yes, I have lxmenu-data package installed, but it’s from Archlinux repository).

    3) Enabling “show hidden” option causes pcmanfm to segfault at start.

    P.S. Maybe this is not the best place to report bugs? 😉

  2. I can confirm karabaja4’s report that menu://applications/ is empty, even with lxmenu-data installed, except I’m using Linux Mint with lxmenu-data installed from the Ubuntu repo.

    I can also confirm that “show hidden” causes a segmentation fault forcing the user to delete the ~/.config/pcmanfm/pcmanfm.conf file.

    I’m loving the work you’ve done with this so far. It will definitely end up being much nicer than 0.5.2.

  3. Also, selecting “Properties” in any of the Trash, Network Drives or the Applications folders causes it to crash for me.

    Thanks again.

  4. How to disable automount? I do’nt like it trying to mount every mounts that I have (my gvfs don’t have hal support).

  5. Is it neccesary to somehow start GVFS daemon to be able to use its features? Because I have no access to trash or automount… A little help please? I’m using Arch Linux & no DE.