LXDM – New Display Manager

LXDE finally has its own display manager, lxdm, and doesn’t need to rely on GDM or KDM from now on.

To see is to believe.

lxdm screenshot
lxdm screenshot

Recently, a new developer dgod from China joined us and contributed a new project, lxdm, a lightweight display manager aimed to replace gdm. Later, I modified his code, and re-implement the UI with GTK+. So, this is how it look like. It’s still in very early stage, and things are not expected to work correctly. For now, it only work smoothly with Fedora. On Ubuntu or others, there might be some issues. However we’ll work on fixing those problems and finish this new display manager.

The code is in LXDE svn repo. For someone who wants to try it, use at you own risk and have fun!


* LXDE Wiki: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDM

15 responses to “LXDM – New Display Manager”

  1. Pardon me for making such a naive question… but in what way xdm wasn’t suitable or was lacking features to be a display manager? And what about slim?

  2. Slim isn’t being ddveloped anymore & XDM really isn’t that pretty…

  3. I actually like this very much. xdm is rather ugly as noted already, and gdm is a bit of a monster. I would be happy to help get this packaged for Ubuntu karmic+1 when it’s ready.

  4. @Kurt: xdm lacks

    shutting down/rebooting a machine
    session selection
    language selection
    keyboard layout selection
    input methods
    console-kit support

    Apart from that, it’s a nice login manager. 😉

  5. […] : En attendant un remplaçant 100 % LXDE (en cours de développement), et SLIM n’étant, aux dernières nouvelles, plus maintenu, GDM reste un choix par défaut, […]

  6. Long awaited! Definitely a great addition, and much needed to replace the monster gdm 😀

    Hope this is ready soon so Dave can package it in time for Karmic before it’s release towards end of October 🙂

  7. XDM not pretty? a desktop is not supposed to be pretty, it is supposed to be cold and hard, like a Russian turnip for breakfast in winter

  8. I’m Russian and Russian like “slim” (and pretty) things! I will be waiting for this lxdm, i’m using slim (on gentoo), but it’s a bit of a headache.

  9. I loaded LXDE on a Dell J650 connected to ADSL via USB and everything goes fine – as promised! I loaded LXDE on a Dell C600 with a wireless, but the connection doesn’t work. Anyone can help? Many thanks, emilio