LXDM – New Display Manager

LXDE finally has its own display manager, lxdm, and doesn’t need to rely on GDM or KDM from now on.

To see is to believe.

lxdm screenshot
lxdm screenshot

Recently, a new developer dgod from China joined us and contributed a new project, lxdm, a lightweight display manager aimed to replace gdm. Later, I modified his code, and re-implement the UI with GTK+. So, this is how it look like. It’s still in very early stage, and things are not expected to work correctly. For now, it only work smoothly with Fedora. On Ubuntu or others, there might be some issues. However we’ll work on fixing those problems and finish this new display manager.

The code is in LXDE svn repo. For someone who wants to try it, use at you own risk and have fun!


* LXDE Wiki: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDM

xkb: New Applet for LXPanel

PCMan has added a new branch named lxpanel-xkb in the LXDE Repository.

svn co https://lxde.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/lxde/branches/lxpanel-xkb

It’s a new applet for lxpanel which will be a keyboard layout switcher. The original one in lxpanel is broken, and will be removed. The new one will be based on libxlavier, a good library handling xkb. However, we’re from Taiwan, and we don’t know how keyboard layouts work. So help is needed. If you’re a developer living in Europe or some other places requiring switching between different keyboard layouts, please help. (PCMan)

If you are interested in the development of LXDE, please also join our developers mailing list.


* http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXPanel

* https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/lxde-list

Making LXDE packages at Coding for Fun in Beijing

I am meeting up with some folks from the Beijing Linux User Group at Coding for fun at the Thiz Linux office in Beijing.


It is great to see how dedicated everyone is. eMBee is teaching Guang Yudong how to actually create packages. Besides that we have Zhang Sen working on his Google Summer of Code project, folks working on OpenMoko and supporting Chengying in her first steps with Linux. Xuedi is discussing with Anthony Fok and Ollo about other cool staff in the FOSS/Open Source community. Thanks for a great time in Beijing!

Xuedi with Beijinglug T-shirt

LXDE on OpenSolaris

Alfred Peng from Wuhan, China started to port LXDE to OpenSolaris. I met him in Singapore and could see how it is running already pretty smoothly.

Opensolaris with LXDE

Since it’s a GTK based desktop environment, some of the applications (pcmanfm, lxpanel, lxappearance, lxlauncher etc.) can be easily built and installed. But some still don’t work. The network manager lxnm is one of them, also lxtask and lxterminal. Good news is that the OpenSolaris nwam manager works great with small memory footprint 🙂 The app lxmusic, which is the media player for LXDE, depends on xmms libraries. This could be a limitation for the distribution as xmms links against a lot of patented codecs. Maybe GStreamer framework could be a better choice from a distribution’s point of view. Anyway, I can still use Songbird/Rhythmbox/Totem.

To compare with my personal experience of Xfce, LXDE runs better on OpenSolaris. Xfce is a little bit sluggish on my box (configuration issue?). LXDE’s performance and memory footprint are really impressive to me. It provides a nice alternative for the resource-limited desktop users (Eee PC users for example). On the other hand, the desktop layout of LXDE is pretty similar with Windoz. I guess this is because a big bunch of the developers are from Taiwan 🙂 This helps easier migration for users from the Windoz land. As the LXDE applications are still in the 0.x stage, please feel free to get in touch with the community (mailing list or IRC) for any problems you find.

The first set of spec files have been checked in to the SFE reporitory (SFElx*, SFEgpicview, SFEgtknetcat, SFEopenbox and SFEpcmanfm). If you’re familiar with CBE, it’ll be very easy for you to build and install LXDE on OpenSolaris. Those who are interested can also refer to the CBE instructions.

Actually the porting initiative comes from Mario Behling‘s introduction of LXDE on the Singapore Linux meetup group event in January. The frozen-bubble porting was also after the event 🙂 It’s nice to talk with him face to face and get to know a lot of community people behind: pcman, jserv and many more in the Asia region. Stay tune, I believe there will be more to come from LXDE community. (http://blogs.sun.com/pengyang/entry/lxde_lightweight_x11_desktop_environment)

LXDE on OpenSolaris with Alfred Peng from Wuhan, China


* Alfred Peng – Blog http://blogs.sun.com/pengyang/
* LXDE on Opensolaris http://blogs.sun.com/pengyang/entry/lxde_lightweight_x11_desktop_environment
* Opensolaris LXDE desktop community http://opensolaris.org/os/community/desktop/communities/lxde/
* Opensolaris in the LXDE Wiki http://wiki.lxde.org/en/OpenSolaris

LXDE Meeting in Shenzhen – Video

There is now a video online of the gathering with the Shenzhen Linux User Group and our discussion about Open Source and LXDE provided from Zhang Le. Thanks a lot!

Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9072456269136280272

Avi-Link: http://www.gentoo-cn.org/~zhangle/szlug/mario_lxde_20081122.avi

Linux User Group Shenzhen (Szlug) Meeting and Presentation of LXDE

I had a fantastic meeting with the Linux User Group in Shenzhen, which is just on the border to Hong Kong and seat of some famous technology companies such as Huawei and Tencent (QQ). The Shenzhen Linux User Group (Szlug) is one of the biggest Linux User Groups in Asia and has currently 480 members. About 60 members are actively involved in activities. I am very impressed by the group and I am looking forward to follow their advancements.

深圳 Linux Unix 用户组 SZLUG: Shenzhen Linux Unix Local User Group (深圳 Linux Unix 用户组/俱乐部) SZLUG 是深圳 Linux Unix 爱好者自发组织的团体。 SZLUG 以非定期组织聚会、交流使用自由软件心得 为活动内容,鼓励和吸引各行各业人员的参与,向社会 传达自由软件的力量,让更多的人接受自由软件的理念。 SZLUG 的聊天室地址是 irc://freenode/#szlug 如果希望加入 szlug 通讯录,请将真实个人信息发送给 jungle。只有加入 szlug 通讯录的成员可以得到 通讯录的副本。


Anders from the User Group has written the minutes of the meeting below.


出席人员:德林(Mario), bbbush, Zhang Le, Crquan, Anders, 杨城, 卢波, Dalin, Iyhlnm, Ajon, Hailong



Open Office启动测试,Firefox启动测试。测试发现LXDE在速度上的确很快,给人很流畅的感觉。最后一个测试是Crash
Test, 打开了20多个应用程序,有Firefox,word,spreadsheet,还有一个游戏。在这种情况下系统内存耗用大概380M,
CPU占用率在30%。如果关闭游戏,CPU占用率才6%。这个Crash Test很COOL,系统就是没有Crash,而且反应速度依然很快!

要你喜爱开源项目。接下来是LXDE基金会与LXDE System公司的介绍,更多的关于LXDE的信息大家可以去LXDE网站了解。在LXDE聚会


– LXDE官方网站 http://lxde.org
– IRC #lxde on irc.oftc.net
– Szlug http://szlug.org
– Groups: http://groups.google.com/group/szlug
– 欢迎访问IRC群: irc://freenode/#szlug
– 用户组WiKi : http://www.szlug.org
– More Pictures here: http://pics.livejournal.com/bbbush/gallery/0001yryp?page=3
– Video of the meeting: http://www.gentoo-cn.org/~zhangle/szlug/mario_lxde_20081122.avi