Upcoming releases

LXDM 0.4.0 was just released. Get the file at sourceforge.

But that is not the only thing happening in LXDE land. Next week we will do at least three releases if nothing special happens. PCManFM, libfm and LXDM.

PCManFM and libfm has been in development with no updates since last October and the much sought after feature of a directory tree has returned.

LXDM will “just” be a service release to get more translations into shape; Esperanto makes its first appearance in an LXDE component by this. Happy times. All three components are scheduled for release at the 27th of July.

The best guess by now is that more components will get releases in the coming weeks, some of them has seen no releases for years but has seem interesting features hidden in the git HEAD.

LXDM 0.4.0 had an error in the release, there has been a new release dubbed LXDM 0.4.1 to fix this issue and include the l10n updates as mentioned above.

Lxdm is now themeable!

Hooray!  I just finished theming support of LXDM. 🙂


LXDM, the display manager of LXDE, now has full theming support based on gtkrc styles + GtkBuilder xml UI definition. No technology outside GTK+ iteself is needed and no additional library is required for this new feature. Now lxdm even comes with a default theme ported from gdm Industrial theme (See the screenshot).

The documentation for theming lxdm will be published later once things are settled. Now it’s themed with gtk pixmap engine with some dirty hacks, which is inefficient and quite limited. However, as I know, gtk-css-engine is being developed and it can be used to theme gtk+ applications with css syntax. So, later our gtkrc-based theming mechanism can directly benefit from gtk-css-engine and we can have more themes. So artists, stay tunned!


Dropping support for unmaintained languages

This is a part of improving the quality of LXDE, we have alot of brilliant and dedicated translators working with keep the DE accessible in native tounge for alot of languages but some languages never took of or the translatro left or something and this renders more work for me.

We have infrastructure for 48 languages (other than English) and some of them is not maintained at all. Some components are translated in other languages but those corner cases is not in question here.

I want to drop Pootle support for the following languages

Some of these are not present in the subversion repositories and only accessible via Pootle because some translator hoped to do the translation some day. Files in the subversion repositories will not be removed. I will on the other hand edit the LINGUAS files in the repositoy to not build languages that we do not provide infrastructional support for. This will then mean that there are files present that won’t get used even when components are built from source.

If you intend to do any of these translations please step forward and tell us. I won’t remove the support from Pootle just yet. If you know good people that does translate to these languages, go ahead and ask them if the would like to join in the effort and help us make these supported again.
I will try to contact established translation teams for the languages in major distributions (fedora, debian) and the translation projects.

And lastly, there will be major updates to the files the coming week to make everything consistent. I will add support for LXDM too as it is maturing at a rapid speed.

LXDM – New Display Manager

LXDE finally has its own display manager, lxdm, and doesn’t need to rely on GDM or KDM from now on.

To see is to believe.

lxdm screenshot
lxdm screenshot

Recently, a new developer dgod from China joined us and contributed a new project, lxdm, a lightweight display manager aimed to replace gdm. Later, I modified his code, and re-implement the UI with GTK+. So, this is how it look like. It’s still in very early stage, and things are not expected to work correctly. For now, it only work smoothly with Fedora. On Ubuntu or others, there might be some issues. However we’ll work on fixing those problems and finish this new display manager.

The code is in LXDE svn repo. For someone who wants to try it, use at you own risk and have fun!


* LXDE Wiki: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDM