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  • LXDM 0.4.1 released!

    The LXDE Desktop Manager has been updated. This releases is a translation update but also add a minor bugfix. Get the file at lxdm-0.4.1.tar.gz, sha1: 652886ac27ac01b24e7d13c3be3b1e582e2159cc 3eb70bf fix lost data entry when install

  • Upcoming releases

    LXDM 0.4.0 was just released. Get the file at sourceforge. But that is not the only thing happening in LXDE land. Next week we will do at least three releases if nothing special happens. PCManFM, libfm and LXDM. PCManFM and libfm has been in development with no updates since last October and the much sought […]

  • Lxdm is now themeable!

    Hooray!  I just finished theming support of LXDM. 🙂 LXDM, the display manager of LXDE, now has full theming support based on gtkrc styles + GtkBuilder xml UI definition. No technology outside GTK+ iteself is needed and no additional library is required for this new feature. Now lxdm even comes with a default theme ported […]

  • Dropping support for unmaintained languages

    This is a part of improving the quality of LXDE, we have alot of brilliant and dedicated translators working with keep the DE accessible in native tounge for alot of languages but some languages never took of or the translatro left or something and this renders more work for me. We have infrastructure for 48 […]

  • LXDM – New Display Manager

    LXDE finally has its own display manager, lxdm, and doesn’t need to rely on GDM or KDM from now on. To see is to believe. Recently, a new developer dgod from China joined us and contributed a new project, lxdm, a lightweight display manager aimed to replace gdm. Later, I modified his code, and re-implement […]