Next generation PCManFM is now under development!

Everybody loves screenshots!
This is the little demo program included in libfm demonstrating the functionality of libfm – the core of next generation PCManFM.


Due to some limitations and various hard-to-fix problems in the original PCManFM, a new project is started to work on a fresh rewrite of PCManFM. Now I’ve created a project named libfm. It’s a gio-based library used to develop file manager-like programs.

This will be the core of next generation PCManFM. Currently the work that has been done is in branches.  It contains a simple demo program named libfm-demo. Most of the menu items in this demo program are not working.

Currently it can only listed the files on your disk. No other operations are avaiable since they haven’t been written yet. I’ll work hard to finish it and hope the first really usable release can be made before 2010.  The project is in its very early stage, but you can see the progress here.

After finished, the lib will be separated into two parts, libfm and libfm-gtk.  The former is a generic non-gui library, and the later provides useful file manager-related widgets.

The roadmap of PCManFM is updated, too. Those are the tasks to finish.

If someone is willing to help, that’ll be appreciated. Help is wanted!!

2 responses to “Next generation PCManFM is now under development!”

  1. 很喜欢windows下的total commander,不知道使用将来的libfm能不能方便的实现一个类total commander的fm

  2. This message is in praise of PCManFM! I have an MSI K9A2 Platinum motherboard, which has an unusual way of accessing two of its drives. Until Knoppix 6, NO linux distro could access those drives (Only Ms Windows could!) PCManFM has no trouble seeing them, and as a result, “fdisk -l” also sees them. Debian 5.0.0 does not see them, either in “fdisk -l” or Gnome or KDE. Well done!