Tag: LXDE-Common

  • LXDE-Common 0.99.2 released.

    Another update of LXDE package. This time it’s the package which have a key to enter LXDE easily, and that package reasonably have LXDE in its name. Not too much updates but they were inevitable, as LXDE evolves. New release tarball download link: lxde-common-0.99.2.tar.xz – SHA1: e54d80b64e6a89ff1f89ced7a826fa4e8bf453ec

  • LXDE-Common 0.99.0 released.

    A key package with LXDE in the name (and reasonably associated with LXDE as a whole) got a bit of updates. Also its version number was noticeably changed, as a sign that LXDE version should be 1.0 next time. When that would happen? Let us don’t tell you yet. New release tarball download link: lxde-common-0.99.0.tar.xz […]

  • LXDE-common 0.5.6 released.

    After 3 years of silence in the package which some people think of as LXDE core package (though LXDE does not have one), the little bugfix release happened. Not much of changes, just some updates. New release tarball download link: lxde-common-0.5.6.tar.xz – SHA1: 4ce700232870db2601ca21b508e65ecc920a54e0 Changes since previous release 0.5.5 (see git log for details): The “Fullscreen” keybinding in […]

  • LXDE Common 0.5.5 released!

    The common packages has some files that are good to have around, wallpapers and openbox configuration and such. Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxde-common-0.5.5.tar.gz, sha1: 27ce9bcaf109ded61aa0c691a8dc6059a04a6d08 87c368d Fix install location of pcmanfm.conf file 736ded3 Add missing openbox-lxde manpage 4a461c3 Fix location of pcmanfm config file 7c95c46 fixed pcmanfm config file path after 0.9.8 release 38c0d2f […]

  • New LXDE Components available

    PCMan released new LXDE Components and improved settings structure of LXDE. 1. LXInput. This is a config tool used to configure your keyboard and mouse under LXDE. 2. The lxde-settings-daemon: The original lxde-settings is moved from lxde-common to a new separate package and was renamed to lxde-settings-daemon. In addition to the theme, now the settings […]