Category: Release

  • Towards PCManFM 1.0

    To get PCManFM 1.0 in the best shape possible we just put a release candidate on the sourceforge file archive. Notable changes include external thumbnailer support, new file attribute dialog, support for modifier keys on drag and drop, symbolic link creation, individual wallpapers per desktop and documentation. You will need libfm 1.0 to use pcmanfm […]

  • GPicView 0.2.3 released!

    A new release of GpicView happened but we forgot to announce it. The main updates in this bundle are translations but we also corrected some build problem and the execution on GNU/Hurd. Get the file at gpicview-0.2.3.tar.gz, sha1: 56e736dc328e206a3f7a72e4aa8da74d3eac5714 4db0d1c Correction to the PATH_MAX problems for GNU/Hurd. 38cc56d fixed link with latest ld

  • LXPanel 0.5.10 released!

    Some weeks ago we gave you 0.5.9, this time some changes has been made to the plugins distributed with LXPanel and thus we put a new version for your feets. Given the translation status in this release a new version is very probably coming out soon as most languages did not get their strings to […]

  • LXMusic 0.4.5 released!

    Over two years since last release!? Yes it is true. We have not touched LXMusic since then. Mainly because the old maintainer left the LXDE upstream project. If you have an extra special connection to LXMusic please contact the main mailinglist and tell us about your plans for the client. We love to have a […]

  • menu-cache 0.3.3 released!

    The backend library to read application menu files has been released with some minor updates. Last release was seen 18 months ago, this is about time right? =) menu-cache-0.3.3.tar.gz, sha1sum: d9b880ef8a01cb488c028617b2817e9e785798ca changelog f675453 – Update with debian directory 7c6a0d3 – Add experimental vapi for menu-cache, made by Axel FILMORE c3b8c57 – Use dh in […]

  • LXAppearance 0.5.2 released!

    The look and feel configuration tool LXAppearance was just released. Expect a huge bunge of translation updates this update adds dbus support and corrections for GTK3 things. Enjoy. lxappearance-0.5.2.tar.gz, sha1sum: 08adf1210cd70c59aae08b8229d629eb94275fbb Changelog 26a99ef – debian : Don’t build with dbus d93d2d0 – Don’t ignore po/ c847cfd – Add a flag to enable Dbus support (turn […]

  • LXInput 0.3.2 released!

    A bugfixing update of LXInput just got released, the bugfix enables settings saving correctly. lxinput-0.3.2.tar.gz, sha1: 512decc4605f8bffdb39bc30440242d3fa6321dd changelog f7384bc – Handle settings saving correctly, when there is no desktop.conf in user home/ db0d574 – update changelog

  • LXPanel 0.5.9 released!

    A month ago we released the 0.5.9 version of LXPanel fixing a bunch of bugs since the last version and as always bringing some translation updates and additions. lxpanel-0.5.9.tar.gz, sha1: c607bf93b7941d21f9b29e6d6429b48fe2f7e388 Changelog 815f98f – thermal: use automatic levels by default 93bfb7e – batt: Read absolute current_now, power_now 05599a4 – Corrected grammatical error in volumealsa. 00a3ef3 […]

  • LXAppearance ObConf plugin 0.2.0 released!

    The OpenBox Configurator plugin to LXAppearance was released some days ago. Grab the file from sourceforge. lxappearance-obconf-0.2.0.tar.gz, sha1: c607bf93b7941d21f9b29e6d6429b48fe2f7e388 Changelog 75f08b6 – Fix #3465609 – LXappearance can’t install an obt theme since openbox 3.5. 3cd5475 – Fix broken theme preview for openbox 3.5. aecce51 – Support Inactive OSD font introduced in openbox 3.5. b56977a – […]

  • libfm 0.1.17 released! PCManFM 0.9.10 released!

    libfm, the backend of the LXDE default file manager PCManFM, just got a new release to fix some outstanding bugs. Along with the libfm release a new PCManFM release is available, this update adds some improvements to translations. pcmanfm-0.9.10.tar.gz, sha1: 63fa355607ba5603d4e07dffc275a780afe9e27b libfm-0.1.17.tar.gz, sha1: 06767191b0c8fbcc12b0ad0a61cf3774f4448c86 Changelog for PCManFM Translation updates. Changelog for libfm d9a0701 Returns TRUE […]