LXPanel 0.5.10 released!

Some weeks ago we gave you 0.5.9, this time some changes has been made to the plugins distributed with LXPanel and thus we put a new version for your feets. Given the translation status in this release a new version is very probably coming out soon as most languages did not get their strings to 100% done.

lxpanel-0.5.10.tar.gz, sha1: 867c1beec136d932e4ef15679691ac4bf50d3b29

4d1a2cf – gtk-run: reload menu cache
6bd86e3 – monitors: fix potentially truncated message in translated tooltip
b957082 – fix enabling dynamic width and autohide results in 1 pixel panel
ad987a0 – volumealsa: fix unloading and add restart logic
61910ad – AUTHORS: credit SuxPanel
d40b660 – fix a few compilation warnings
7a08372 – monitors: gettext’ize tooltips
7e6a8c4 – monitors: clean tooltip, and also print memory in MB
c247a33 – monitors: count ‘mem_buffers’ towards ‘mem_free’
e0eb2f8 – volumealsa: fix detection of ALSA error
58e8805 – plugins: fix “Invalid read of size 8”
c95393d – configurator: fix file chooser action
206ad65 – monitors: make redraw_pixmap() readable
13d82f2 – plugins: change monitors, thermal, and batt timeouts to my liking 🙂
e25a253 – plugins: Use g_timeout_add_seconds() when possible
ab602c7 – menu,taskbar: minor cleanup
1093a9d – thermal: Use lxpanel error and log facilities
bdecea0 – thermal: Show all sensors in tooltip
b90ba1d – thermal: Use highest temperature when using automatic sensor location
6877b46 – thermal: prepare for multiple sensors
b7c830a – monitors: Open application when clicked, lxtask by default
7349314 – Update debian directory with current Debian one, without the patches which should be discussed


2 responses to “LXPanel 0.5.10 released!”

  1. Any fix to being to select which monitor to display the lxpanel on? This would be similar to xfce4-panel output option. This is a major feature for usability.

  2. Mike: I am not sure what this quest of rage come from. You asked the very same question one month ago when the changelog for 0.5.9 was posted. I can assure you that if the feature is not in the list it is not in the build. If in doubt you better compile and test it.

    If the feature is as important as you make it sound I suggest you either hack it yourself or talk to someone who can help you.

    Making proposals at the blog is however not very good as we usually use the mailing list as our main forum.

    And finally, it will almost certainly NEVER be in any build if the feature reqeuest is not posted in the feature tracker at the sourceforge project page. The blog is by no means a tracker for bugs neither for feature requests.

    (I use the right/left margins to position my panel on the correct monitor in my multi monitor display so I have no need at all for the feature requested.)