Category: Release

  • PCManFM 0.9.9 released! libfm 0.1.16 released!

    PCManFM, the default file manager of LXDE, just got a new release. This application need libfm 0.1.16 to work and incidently that is also released today! PCManFM has seen some significant improvements since the last release back in October 2010. Probably the most notable UI change is the reintroducation of the tree view in side […]

  • LXAppearance 0.5.1 released!

    The tool for setting look and feel of your session, LXAppearance, has been released in a new version. Get the file at lxappearance-0.5.1.tar.gz, sha1: 5cdff02e2c0ba268dbcbe2a9aa5febe3daa7e842 17a9171 Updated copyright year bb69b4a Removing useless whitespaces at EOL and EOF. c7b7bbf Correcting automake handling for –enable-man configure option that has never worked in the first place. 7961ca4 […]

  • LXDE Common 0.5.5 released!

    The common packages has some files that are good to have around, wallpapers and openbox configuration and such. Get the file at lxde-common-0.5.5.tar.gz, sha1: 27ce9bcaf109ded61aa0c691a8dc6059a04a6d08 87c368d Fix install location of pcmanfm.conf file 736ded3 Add missing openbox-lxde manpage 4a461c3 Fix location of pcmanfm config file 7c95c46 fixed pcmanfm config file path after 0.9.8 release 38c0d2f […]

  • LXMenu-data 0.1.2 released!

    As is normal with this package there are just one non transaltion related change in this release, the point of this package is to provide transaltions of text for the application menu and we now support 91 different translations. Get the file at lxmenu-data-0.1.2.tar.gz, sha1: 57490607f67d43167beb326ebc927524dd6dd1ab 77e17cf remove distribution of mkinstalldirs

  • LXDM 0.4.1 released!

    The LXDE Desktop Manager has been updated. This releases is a translation update but also add a minor bugfix. Get the file at lxdm-0.4.1.tar.gz, sha1: 652886ac27ac01b24e7d13c3be3b1e582e2159cc 3eb70bf fix lost data entry when install

  • LXInput 0.3.1 released!

    This release is mainly a translation update. There are some smaller things changed, see the condensed log below. Get the file at lxinput-0.3.1.tar.gz, sha1: eb4a846b90e353f2201de23860888f3e6bc9061b 2d42550 debian: Add build-depends on xsltproc 46b4269 debian: build-depends on docbook-xml and group build-depends needed by 1300a03 debian: Force –enable-man and use verbose mode 7614973 Add debian directory […]

  • LXPanel 0.5.8 released!

    We released LXPanel some days ago, unfortunatley there was a crash bug in it. This release should fix that problem. Get the file at lxpanel-0.5.8.tar.gz, sha1: a9d6bd9d15a3588fb959aa32880ad888c58359f7 6d2d92e fix typo to make code build with old gtk 62c77fa fixed compiler warning c30911e fixed error in tooltipS function call 200121f Fix usage of GtkRequisition

  • LXTerminal 0.1.11 released!

    The 0.1.10 fixed the fake transparency of LXterminal but it broke transparency when using compiz. This release fixes this issue, it also fixes a small cosmetic bug with the number of visible lines on netbook computers. Get the file at lxterminal-0.1.11.tar.gz, sha1: 3914c8e0552f7b8e1e32fde69244f90c16072df4 84506b1 fix desynchonization of terminal index and notebook index (fixes #3372388) […]

  • LXSession released!

    So we had a very ugly crash bug in LXSession 0.4.6, that is fixed but we know that the fix is not complete and there will be a proper 0.4.7 release as soon as possible. This version is at least usable. Get the file at lxsession-, sha1: ef7f74617f7555f3e292b670099ef44389a9a849 82e5901 Fix crash on start

  • LXAppearance obconf plugin 0.0.1 released!

    This is the first release of a plugin to LXAppearance. This component does because of that depend on LXAppearance and obconf the openbox configuration tool. The second dependency is because this plugin would be useless without openbox installed. LXDE can be used with other window managers but openbox is the one the major distributions are […]