LXAppearance 0.5.2 released!

The look and feel configuration tool LXAppearance was just released. Expect a huge bunge of translation updates this update adds dbus support and corrections for GTK3 things. Enjoy.

lxappearance-0.5.2.tar.gz, sha1sum: 08adf1210cd70c59aae08b8229d629eb94275fbb

26a99ef – debian : Don’t build with dbus
d93d2d0 – Don’t ignore po/Makefile.in.in
c847cfd – Add a flag to enable Dbus support (turn off by default)
44b9b0f – Use AS_HELP_STRING
7f640da – Add a debian directory based on the Debian one.
a9567f8 – Add Dbus to build-system
924e9da – Write correct contents in correct folder for gtk3 settings without lxsession
3e0b818 – Small fix to Makefile.am for make distcheck

One response to “LXAppearance 0.5.2 released!”

  1. Great to see a new version, just got it via pacman on Arch 🙂

    Although I notice there’s still the bug with “use customized color scheme” not saving. Hope you can fix it if not too much trouble.