PCManFM 0.9 Alpha is released!

After endless waiting, here comes the first public tarball release of next generation PCManFM.
But don’t expect too much. This is an Alpha release. 🙂
Everybody loves screenshots. This is PCManFM 0.9.0 alpha running under LXDE with its desktop manager turned on.

There will be 1.0, but before it become stable enough for production use, let’s call it 0.9.

Actually, 0.9.0 is not a new version of PCManFM. It is a whole new total rewrite and redesign from scratch. So its code base is totally different from the old PCManFM 0.5.x series.

Major improvements:

  1. Have GIO/GVFS support but “still keep original speed” and memory usage is still acceptable
  2. Seamless remote filesystem access such as sftp and smb (provided by gvfs)
  3. Trash can (provided by gvfs)
  4. Much better designed configuration dialogs
  5. Much better thumbnail support
  6. Better wallpaper handling
  7. Better drag and drop handling and also support X direct save
  8. Basic auto-mount (provided by gvfs)
  9. Better application chooser based on applications menu installed on the dsektop system
  10. The core part is moved to a separate lib called libfm, which can be used by other programs
  11. Much better structure of source code, so future hacking is easier
  12. Better configurability
  13. and more…

Please give it heavy tests. This will be the default file manager in next generation LXDE.
So quality and usability are extremely important.

Grab tha tarballs now!




4 responses to “PCManFM 0.9 Alpha is released!”

  1. Thanks for making it available. Just compiled it on Tiny Core Linux 2.8.1 and at first glance it looks good. Compiles with no issues and starts, basic functions works. Requires testing of cource but promissing!

  2. Libfm won’t compile for me on Jaunty:

    gtk/fm-path-entry.c: In function ‘fm_path_entry_do_insert_text’:
    gtk/fm-path-entry.c:211: error: implicit declaration of function ‘gtk_widget_has_focus’

  3. Just compiled and checkinstalled libfm and the new pcmanfm on Ubuntu Karmic. Used “./configure –sysconfdir=/etc” both times.

    This is what happens when I try to run it:
    pcmanfm2: error while loading shared libraries: libfm-gtk.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory