Current status of libfm and PCManFM

As usual, let’s begin with the latest screenshot.

The latest libfm screenshot on 2009-09-13
The latest libfm screenshot on 2009-09-13

Some highlights:

  1. The side pane now correctly display volumes.
  2. Mounting of removable devices now works out of the box. Just click on them in the side pane.
  3. Bookmark items in the side pane are now correctly updated whtn your gtk+ bookmarks got changed by other applications.
  4. Some bugs have been fixed.

Some notes on the volume management support:
This is achived with glib/gio, which calls gvfs. Unfortunately, gvfs currently has calls to ‘gnome-mount’ hard-coded in it and there is no way to override this bizaare behavior. So without gnome-mount, mounting doesn’t work. However, the developers of gvfs is now moving toward including mouting support in gvfs itself (by using libgdu and DeviceKit) and deprecating the use of gnome-mount. Then this will become no issue in the future. In addition, I think our move from HAL-based mouting in the original pcmanfm to glib/gio/gvfs is quite a correct decision. People on are now trying to break backward compatibility (and also break others’ programs) “again”, and disk related parts HAL are going to be removed later. So existing applications which use older HAL, including pcmanfm and some applications in XFCE, will be broken in the near future. So, we don’t seem to have other choice…

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3 responses to “Current status of libfm and PCManFM”

  1. Keep up the great work!
    Love Pcmanfm.
    The only thing keeping nautilus on my pc (alongside pcmanfm) is the support for video-thumbnails. Any chance that’ll get implemented?

  2. does the mounted volumes (usb flash n cd/dvd etc) showed up on the desktop just like xfce, kde, gnome etc…