First lubuntu Test ISO Available

lubuntuThe lubuntu project is advancing. lynxis just published a lubuntu test iso based on the seeds by David Sugar and additional patches. It is just 381 MB and a second one only 292 MB.

Please download the image and test it and give feedback:

UPDATE: The CD images from the link above are now unavailable due to bandwidth limit. However, there is a BitTorrent link.


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66 responses to “First lubuntu Test ISO Available”

  1. Is there a BitTorrent-link for:
    07-Sep-2009 6:20 360M

  2. Yesterday I downloaded the ISO version and it all went great till it asked me for my logins. I tried several time after reboot but still with logins issue.
    I know that my logins are correct and easily could login on my own laptop. I am using currently the beta version 9.10 Ubuntu and my logins are working correct. Anything wrong so far ?

  3. LXDE is great !
    I’m currently using xubuntu on two toshibas 4600 sat pro and on a coppermine desktop, and will switch all to lubuntu as soon as it gets released end of this oct.
    I hope an automatic SW update and a package handling is provided as with other distros.
    In fact I only need FF5.5.x and Open Office (which can be installed afterwords) + a digikam download.

    Good luck & wished for the best success for this distro !

  4. on the newer one, 23b I guess, the “install” button doesn’t work. LUbuntu cannot be installed still.

  5. Same problem here, it is not possible to install the beta23 using the desktop link. But I found out that it is possible to run the installer by using ‘sudo’ in front of the command used by the desktop link. With this purpose, open a console and type:

    sudo ubiquity –desktop %k gtk_ui

    Then the installer screen is shown.

    Another suggestion, this is just a personal feeling: I’m using lxde in my ubuntu desktop since several months, and I imitated the look’n feel of the standard panels from gnome into lxde. I mean, one bar on the top and one on the bottom, start menu on top left, taskbar on top right, etc. Is it planned to do some similar adaptation with lubuntu? or will it look like the standard lxde?

    Thanks for the great work

  6. Quite a nice distro.
    Uses 54 MB of RAM after booting (on VirtualBox)
    Has all the elementary programs, however, I think the number of media players may be decreased by adding in an all-in-one media player.

    Thanks for developing this thing. I might be using it as a preferred OS on my low-end PC after I have the final release version with the installer.

  7. Hi,

    Just tested the second – bigest iso, looks nice and light weight, see @PASSIVUS tweetpics or my page for small 20 min. test

  8. @Antonio, re: top and bottom bars: I read they were not going to be keeping with the convention of the top/bottom bars of the other *buntu’s. This being due to the fact that the target consumer would likely be on smaller resolution screens.

    @pFrugal, re: wattos: What about lpia builds of Ubuntu? These are shown to save 10%+ battery life as per Phoronix.

  9. Thanks for the answer, I’m really interested in the next steps of this distro.