Tag: testing

  • First lubuntu Test ISO Available

    The lubuntu project is advancing. lynxis just published a lubuntu test iso based on the seeds by David Sugar and additional patches. It is just 381 MB and a second one only 292 MB. Please download the image and test it and give feedback: http://lynxis.crew.c-base.org UPDATE: The CD images from the link above are now […]

  • LXPanel 0.4.0 beta! Testers are needed!

    We haven’t have new releases of LXPanel for quite a long time, but the development is still ongoing. Major Changes: * Greatly rewrite application menu with our new menu-cache library. Now it’s complete and more user-friendly * Improved “Run” dialog * Improved OSS volume plugin * Image showed on application menu button can be changed […]

  • System benchmark tests of LXDE with lmbench suite.

    Penk from the LXDE core team in Taiwan has done a lxde system benchmark test using the lmbench suite. lmbench is a suite of simple, portable ANSI/C microbenchmarks for UNIX/POSIX. In general, it measures two key features: latency and bandwidth. It is intended to give system developers insight into basic costs of key operations. (http://freshmeat.net/projects/lmbench/) […]