LXPanel 0.4.0 beta! Testers are needed!

We haven’t have new releases of LXPanel for quite a long time, but the development is still ongoing.

Major Changes:
* Greatly rewrite application menu with our new menu-cache library. Now it’s complete and more user-friendly
* Improved “Run” dialog
* Improved OSS volume plugin
* Image showed on application menu button can be changed with GUI.
* Add new temperature monitor plugin by Daniel Kesler
* Size of icons now can automatically be automatically adjusted according to the height of the panel.
* Numerous bug fixes and more…

Please get it tested since lxpanel 0.4 will be released very soon.

Note that to make the whole new menu work correctly, now menu-cache and lxmenu-data are needed.
LXPanel source tarball

menu-cache library tarball (lightweight library used to generate standard compliant menus)

lxmenu-data tarball (data files used to build the menu)

10 responses to “LXPanel 0.4.0 beta! Testers are needed!”

  1. Hi, when trying to use lxpanel 0.4.0 I get

    neo@linux-q11d:~> lxpanel
    lxpanel: error while loading shared libraries: libmenu-cache.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  2. I installed lxmenu-data, and when I tried to install menu-cache, it said that I had to install intltool. I installed intltool and then I forgot to try again to install menu-cache! /me fool
    Thanks. Now I’m using lxpanel 0.3.99.
    Just I case I found a bug in a lxde component. Where should I report it? Forum? sourceforge?

  3. i use lxpanel from ubuntu packages [0.3.7-1] and when i click on a window from the other workspace [i configured lxbar to show all windows from all workspaces] that window will pop in the current workspace instead; i think lxpanel should either restore the window on its workspace or at least offer a setting to do this

  4. (the item 3 like i posted above would be just like the command-line launchers we create on Gnome panel)

  5. those left and right hide buttons are very welcome as well, those we found on Gnome panel

  6. >seconds on LxPanel Digital Clock
    “Digital Clock” Settings > Clock format:

  7. Tried under Ubuntu Intrepid.
    Installed menu-cache, lxmenu-data and lxpanel. All installed OK.
    Stil ,lxpanel: error while loading shared libraries: libmenu-cache.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    1. Using 0.3.8. From my panel config file :
    ” transparent=1
    alpha=0 ”
    The only value for alpha that works for me is 40, but in the config file the value is zero.
    2. Could’t use the volume control applet. The configure option is not available.
    3. Wine installed application don’t show up in the menu.

  8. pcmanfm:
    1)if i’m on the desktop it [pcmanfm] doesn’t launch an app if i select that app and press enter
    2) “drag selection” with ctrl pressed resets the old selection to the new one; i can’t combine multiple selections using ctrl
    1) if configured to show windows from all workspaces it will not restore the window in its workspace; it always restore all the windows on the current workspace [already mentioned this in a previous post]
    2) the default black image/skin for the panel is too dark for the [also] black font used to display the window’s title [in the panel]

    everything else is very nice and working very nice,quick and smooth [for now]; i’m happy i found LXDE! openbox [used in LXDE] is a very versatile,flexible and lightweight window manager

    @asd: i use intrepid too and i only installed “lxde” metapackage and all is working very nice; the only thing i miss is lxtask [the taskmanager] because it’s not present on ubuntu repos [as a precompiled package], neither on ppa [launchpad] and i was too lazy to compile it by hand; here are the dependencies for the “lxde” metapackage:
    Dependencies: – lxde-common (2 pcmanfm (2 lxpanel (2 lxsession-lite (18 0.3.5) lxsession (2 0.3) lxappearance (2 0.2) openbox (2 gpicview (2 0.1.9) xscreensaver (0 (null)) leafpad (0 (null)) xarchiver (0 (null)) lxlauncher (0 (null)) gdm (0 (null)) hal (0 (null))
    i sugest you unistall the packages you installed and simply install lxde:
    sudo apt-get install lxde