First lubuntu Test ISO Available

lubuntuThe lubuntu project is advancing. lynxis just published a lubuntu test iso based on the seeds by David Sugar and additional patches. It is just 381 MB and a second one only 292 MB.

Please download the image and test it and give feedback:

UPDATE: The CD images from the link above are now unavailable due to bandwidth limit. However, there is a BitTorrent link.


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  1. Is one of those 32-bit and the other 64-bit? Why two of different sizes I wonder…

    I’m very anxious to test this! Downloading it right now!

  2. Very Nice!
    Really looking promising.

    Will it be possible to upgrade from this ‘test’ to ‘final’?

    Keep rocking!

  3. I have the .iso, but it’s a live cd with no way to install it. How do you install it to your hd?

  4. Burned the b04 iso (381 MB). No installation option, every application froze up the computer and forced shutdown using the power switch was the only option. I was able to explore the menus and find Slypheed, Epiphany, etc., but clicking on one to run it locked up the computer and disabled the cursor.

  5. Why aren’t all these debian forks just add-on configurations or apt sources? Why is it necessary to fork an entire distro because you disagree with which version of a windomanager is included by default, etc?

  6. I see alot of distros claiming to use less RAM but none of them ever benchmarking those claims.

    Any proof?

  7. Tried 9.10b14 as Live CD via external CD drive on an Aspire One L110 (512M ram, 8G SSD) and it works like a charm. No wireless at this point, but I haven’t really looked into it yet.

    Congrats on creating a small distro on top of Ubuntu’s giant shoulders. I’m really looking forward to installing this on the AAO – I’ll do it right now if someone can confirm that installation works on this hardware, else I’ll check Lubuntu out again when Ubuntu 9.10 is released next month.

    Thank you making this such a nice option for little netbooks.

  8. aptitude search lubuntu
    Crap is not found.

    aptitude search xubuntu
    Some options available.

    I’ll wait until (if) this weird combination of software will become official on x86_64.

  9. Well, the lack of an install script is a show stopper for me.

    If you want an intallable version you can

    a) install lxde into ubauntu from synaptic
    b) install the mini.iso, then distribution upgrade from hardy to intrepid, then intrepid to jaunty.

    Bug reporting for lubuntu at is disabled, there appears to be no way to contact anyone without an elaborate ‘join our team’ process.

    I’m rooting for y’all, but this blog seems to be the only way to contact Mario and he’s nowhere to be found.

  10. This is Great!, I have been building my own LXDE build on a base Ubuntu installs. The problem that I have with all these other builds, namely Xubuntu, is that they still have unnecessary services still running. I have been watching WattOS, because they are actually trimming down the CPU load. Is this also the goal with Lubuntu? or just LXDE on a stock Ubuntu install?

    Couple tips, and problems I’ve had:
    1) make sure everything is fully integrated.
    a) pdf auto open in firefox
    b) .zip/.rar open x-archive
    2) firefox updates kill the icons on the taskbar. (because of .png renames compared to .desktop files)
    a) let uses install apps as needed. (Not everyone wants openoffice!)
    4) update manager for LXDE?
    5) Use SLIM for login.
    6) Use Wicid for networkmanager
    7) Theme Manager Needed. (Why use lxde theme manager and openbox theme manager) just confusing…

    just my 2cents. I will down load and check out with feedback.

    thanks in advance!

  11. Well i downloaded the livecd, it boots but i get nothing after kernel starts loading.Can i pass any kernel options on boot like noacpi for example?
    Anyway i have been running LXDE from a cli install on my Tatung / RM – RTABB12D using both a genkernel and a custom built one.
    I suggest that you try to minimize any use of gnome libs as possible, use slim instead of gdm, use Wicd for network as lxnw is too limited right now,aumix-gtk for mixer and a program to add menu entries. I am currently testing ubuntuone on my setup and can asure you its working very well with pcman and lxpanel.

  12. NTFS doesn’t seem to be working though. I’ve got this error:

    Error org.freedesktop.HAL.Device.Volume.UnknowFailure

    And the files don’t show at all.

    NTFS-3g and HAL are installed I assume.

  13. The iso looks good but you need to have the Ubuntu installer in the iso so anyone can install it on their hard disk and be able to do updates from the Internet—-like what Ubuntu does with its distros.

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