LXMusic – Minimalist xmms2-based music player

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LXMusic – The minimalist music player for LXDE. This is based on xmms2, which is lightweight and has server/client design. The user interface is quite simple, clean, and intuitive. At first glance, it looks similar to my favorite player on Windows – foobar 2000. LXMusic only has very few features, and it can do nothing more than just playing a list of music files. However, this is what’s lacking today, a player which doesn’t try to teach you how to listen your own music files. It just plays! That’s all.

It’s still under development and is still in alpha stage, but it’s enough for everyday use. Please grab the tarball or download the hotest code from LXDE svn repo to get it tested!

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18 responses to “LXMusic – Minimalist xmms2-based music player”

  1. This is the component that LXDE needed :D. I’m using mp3blaster right now. This type of programs need global shorcuts for play/pause

    And a sorftware like Kmix but in LXDE would be nice.

  2. linux-q11d:/tmp/lxmusic-0.2 # make
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

  3. Global hotkeys. A player must have global hotkeys

    Looking forward to this one.

  4. I love LXDE’s simple approach to the Desktop.

    Audacious is my player of choice, but judging
    from the screenshot, LXMUSIC is going to be my favorite.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. thank you a lot! i always missed simple audio players! =) – and please keep it simple! =)

  6. I just installed it. But when I add the files, they to the playlist they get removed 1×1 automatically

  7. About the global hotkey:
    Actually you can do this with xbindkey + xmms2 cli tool. xmms2 uses server/client, so you can control its playback with command line. For example, execute “xmms2 play” can ask xmms2 server to play the music files in the playlist. Just add those commands to the shortcut settings of your window manager, and its done. Nothing needs to done in lxmusic.

    About the added files, if the file format is not supported by xmms2, it will be removed from the playlist by xmms2 itself, not lxmusic. Try to install appropriate xmms2 plugins to handle them.

  8. 2 PCMan:
    Hmmm.. it needs xmms-client >=0.5 🙁
    But I didn’t find it for hardy (just for ibex).

    Can LXmusic work with xmms-client-0.2 ?

  9. I only works with xmms2 0.5 since xmms2 0.5 is not compatible with 0.2. They did some dramatic changes in new releases.

  10. hey your client is very nice but I miss some features like the equalizer and the cover-art visualization!!!! and please… PUT A NAME FOR THE APPLICATION… LXMusic is not very creative!!!

  11. 2 PCMan:
    Ok… had to build xmms from source. 🙂

    So one interesting thing: when you do “File-Exit” or “Ctrl-Q” LXmusic will close, but not xmms2d and music is still continue playing 🙂

    Is it bug?
    I think yes…

  12. And:
    1. During playing i can’t notice what song is playing in playlist, just in the title 🙁
    2. How can I choose what columns to show in playlist?

  13. Great job!

    Fast improvement visible from 0.2.1 to 0.2.3.
    – current song played is bold
    – right-click menu for icon
    – it stops playing on gui exit

    Stil, i would like to make a few suggestions :

    1. For better user-friendliness, you should switch the position of “progress bar” with filter bar.
    2. Volume control would be easier in form of a slider (it’s a click less). It should be next to “progress bar”.
    3. No music player has album art as background for playlist ?! (would it still be light?)
    4. No music player has just 2 knobs for bass and treble (old school). Who needs a 10 band equalizer anyway?
    5. Icon identic to esperanza?
    6. Hope you’ll never use alternate background

  14. I know.. its nice.. but really.. we are talking a client and server architecture here… what is wrong with mpd + guimup?

  15. Really nice.
    LXmusic as a name is good.
    Directories tree is needed, possibly liek navigation panel in Konqueror, so that one could hide it and restore back.
    And obviously, no need in any other fancy “album arts”, “lyrics”, u name it.
    Please, just let it play music.

  16. It would be very useful if you can get it to display like Amarok, iTunes and ohers a browse columns Genre – Artist – Album.

    At the time, I use Goggles Music Manager which is really perfect for my needs :