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  • LXMusic 0.4.6 released.

    Another bugs fixing update happened at beginning of September. A simple XMMS frontend music player got next release, year later after previous. No big changes except for translations update and bugs fixes. New release tarball download link: lxmusic-0.4.6.tar.xz – SHA1: 69209b26aefbb0f1cd45bbb3da85526a4137c39c Changes since previous release 0.4.5 (see git log for details): Few updates for build using […]

  • LXMusic 0.4.5 released!

    Over two years since last release!? Yes it is true. We have not touched LXMusic since then. Mainly because the old maintainer left the LXDE upstream project. If you have an extra special connection to LXMusic please contact the main mailinglist and tell us about your plans for the client. We love to have a […]

  • LXMusic supports Album Art

    XMMS2 supports Album Art from various sources via picture_front property. LXMusic in master branch leverages this functionality to display album art in desktop notifications if available: Please test!

  • LXMusic 0.4.4 released

    Most important changes include: Use XMMS2 Collection API Translation updates By using Collection API, performance improved dramatically on large play lists. Loading time for 3030 entries  reduced from 7 to 0.5 seconds on a Core 2 Duo T6500 system. Please help to advance LXDE development and test releases, help with translations and update the wiki. Links: […]

  • LXMusic 0.4.2 released!

    Today Jürgen Hötzel of the LXDE development team released an updated verison of LXMusic. Download it at sourceforge. The most important changes: fix all gcc compilation warnings LXMusic can be compiled using  CFLAGS “-Wall -Werror” on_playlist_content_received Request medialib info for whole playlist at once instead of requesting and updating each track successive. This improves speed […]

  • Translation update!

    New week and time for an update regarding the translations for LXDE. During the last week some more users have started the translations in Pootle and by all means have delivered. Significant changes are noted in Danish that are 100% complete by now, good work! If you are new to Pootle and/or translation in general […]

  • LXMusic – Minimalist xmms2-based music player

    Everyone loves screenshots! LXMusic – The minimalist music player for LXDE. This is based on xmms2, which is lightweight and has server/client design. The user interface is quite simple, clean, and intuitive. At first glance, it looks similar to my favorite player on Windows – foobar 2000. LXMusic only has very few features, and it […]