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  1. My only concern is that you stated the panel isn’t quite done. At least not from ease of use stand point with a user interface of adding items and functions like the current lxpanel has.

    Considering the panel is responsible for 20-30 megs of ram usually? When the new QT based panel is finished. Will this add another 20 to 30 megs to the over all desktop memory usage?

    I too am hoping the transition is worth it, from a developers stand point it certainly makes things easier, so it seems.

    I wonder though about all the other apps thats usually included with a lot of distros that use lxde by default.

    Will most of their applications have to change to qt version to avoid adding extra weight to the overall system given that gtk services might need to be running or loaded to support these apps?

    Will all the internal apps also have to change? like the appearance app, lxkeymap, sessions, language support, etc etc?

    I may be old school, but I thought trying to adhere to once toolkit or another was better for overall performance. Is that no longer the case?

    Regardless, best of luck and I’m eager to see where it goes, could be really nice if done right, I don’t think merging with razor qt makes sense, as the last time I checked that DE was barely using less than KDE.

    This was a while ago though, so things may have improved.

  2. Debian 7 LXDE i686 uses near 120mb… Are you using x86_64? Because arch linux x86_64 lxde uses 250mb like in the picture.

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